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heretic, gorguts, emperor, black sabbath, skyclad, schirenc plays pungent stench at Hellfest 2014 ((my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 3)

Moving on from the - World Cup dates happening during the Muslim Fasting Month of Ramadhan and its impact on Muslim players - article of the previous blog post, lets continue with Hellfest 2014 from the point of view of Yours Truly.

Continuation of short reviews, mostly photos and also personal itsy gritty stories and memories that etched on my mind, - My opportunity to be at Hellfest 2014 to see Iron Maiden headlining a French festival, and a glorious abundance of bands that I love, like, or just plain curious playing the type of intelligent, beautiful, wonderful, sweet, heavy, speedy, hard, slow, melodic, brutal, thrashy, no-compromise take no prisoners, entertaining, thrilling, lovely, LOUD music which I enjoy all my life.

One band that I really was looking forward to check out live is the Germans “URFAUST” which I am not really familiar but I know I will like them live as I kind of enjoy what opprotunites I heard of their music.

So there I was full of anticipation on day three entering the Temple Stage and I guess its “lucky me I got a clue something is not right” as behind the stage is the HERETIC banner. What? A check on my personal timetable and I got it right, correct timing correct location. So something is wrong, and anyway in Hellfest you don’t expect any master of ceremonies or announcements, you jolly well must know your own schedules and timetables. Be there at the location, and the band you expect will be there starting on the DOT!!. 
Everyone seems to be carrying their own sets of timetables and unfolding and checking their timetables often, and this is completely undertatandable with more than 150 bands playing from late morning till the early morning for the 3 days and nights. There is a BLACK EAGLE statue or is it a BLACK CROW sitting on the schedules at one area of the festival but its not really updated, Iced Earth is still on the bill according to the Black Eagle.

Another Side story I want to share was on the Monday, a Hellfest festival goer whom I spoke to at the train told me he was at the Opeth performance and asked me how was Iced Earth? As these two bands were supposely playing at the same time. (YES, Another Awesome Clash).
He have no idea Jon Scaffer has a recurrence of his medical condition and Iced Earth did not play. I told him I was already on the bus back to Nantes during that timing. Sorry Opeth, maybe another time LOL!!.
Thats an example of the happy-stress in the lineup of Hellfest 2014.

So HERETIC it is....

then I realised when the Heretic singer ‘informed that they are not Urfaust but still we got HALF OF URFAUST on stage’. The bassist. OK I learnt something new.
Anyway, dont confuse the Germans Heretic with the American Thrash Metal Band.

I like them. This is a short one minute video of Heretic that day.

OK, GORGUTS.. the Canadians... Annihilator was also at Hellfest (more of this band in coming posts) . I wish I got time to see Gorguts whole show. I think I have to leave because I really want to see the rockin Status Quo playing at mainstage 1. (another evil clash).
And Status Quo are really a very fun entertaining band. More of that next time, if I remember LOL!!

The clash of bands at Hellfest 2014 is crazy for me,

Here is a bit when Gorguts first came out on stage, I had a plan to record some videos of the bands I see as memories, so I try to record them at the start for a minute, take a few photos, and then enjoy the rest of the time.

Moving on.... and I am just jumping around writting about the bands I choose to see for the 3 days...

EMPEROR. Now, in Hellfest, they headline Mainstage 2. PRIME TIME. They play just before Sharon Osbourne's BLACK SABBATH plays Mainstage 1. As Iced Earth's Jon Scaffer had to go to hospital for another operation on his neck, and Iced Earth UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME has to cancel Hellfest, that means Emperor closes Mainstage 2.
So pretty pixs of them by yours truly. Anyway, its a nice experience. Ooo and again I stick to the left wing this time LOL!!.

Faust (its him right?), Samoth, Ihsahn.. I hope I goht tehe sspeeling coreccttt....

The next best thing about Emperor at Hellfest 2014 besides me watching them LOL, 
is that there is a very nice multiple camera Pro-Shot of them playing broadcasted by a France TV station and its already on youtube. Here it is... anyway, when I was there I was not expecting quite often Pyros for Emperor's set. Very nice surprise. Anyway I am worried for the keyboardist neck when I was watching from the left side. Seriously.

I am trying to imagine DEPECHE MODE plays immediately after Emperor. That would be simply breathtaking. Like I say if Depeche Mode was slotted into this Hellfest 2014 bill, it would be as complete as possible. I guess Depeche Mode is not rocking enough for Hellfest LOL!!! Evil enough most definitely, just not rocking enough :)  :)  :)

OK, since I mentioned Black Sabbath, lets talk a bit of Black Sabbath headlining mainstage 1. I GOT THE CURSE FOR CURSING SHARON OSBOURNE. BECAUSE BLACK SABBATH PLAYS TWO NEW SONGS, and for the next few days, that new song Age Of Reason melody keeps looping in my head LOL!!!.
They start with War Pigs as I guessed because I got my handphone ready to record this Air-Raid Siren Of War Pigs, it sounds so magical live this air-raid siren, but sorry not here with my handphone hahaha. This is where I stand most of the time.

Really not optimum location where I am standing. But I was tired, the people around me are too calm for Black Sabbath, maybe I would have more fun if I am more in front, but I dont think its worth it, at that time I was still in two minds to say goodbye to Sabbath and proceed to see 1349 plays instead at the tents LOL!!!.

If the original timetable of Paradise Lost clashing with Black Sabbath still stands, now that is a confirmed attendance for me at the tents hahahahaha. Really really incredible bill this Hellfest 2014.

Anyway, since they already big enough and can already afford Iron Maiden, I am not surprised Hellfest 2015 will have bigger rock bands ACDC and Metallica headlining the main stage next.

Anyway, I wish it was Bill Wards or at least Vinnie Appice  and I sit down when the drummer does his solo. I guess its just me being dissapointed LOL!. Still Ozzy Osbourne sounds wicked and evil at times, and he does his squat jumps a few times, and I was entertained.

So finally I kind of complete watching the trilogy of Tony Martin/Ronnie James Dio/Ozzy Osbourne fronting the band at last. I kind of just missed Cozy Powell plays for them thats all. But still I got to see Bobbi Rodinelli with them. I really am into Rainbow guys really. Long Live Rock N Roll Long Live Rainbow!!.

 anyway its been like so long since I listen properly to any Sabbath, and yet I remember the whole lyrics of NIB (LOL!!!) as I was like mouthing along, Snowblind got played, one of Black Sabbath best ever songs for me this one. Most of their popular songs got played anyway. I already start moving towards the exit when Sabbath plays their Sabbath Bloody Sabbath teaser with Paranoid. Then thats the trouble starts, "Age Of Reason" starts looping in my head. LOL!!!
I wish Sabbath records another album as their original Fab 4 and settle their difference with Bill Wards.
Ok enough of Sharon Osbourne, 

but continuing with a lady's involvement this time on stage.

SKYCLAD. I used to read about them, but now I got a chance to see how they really are. I love it. They are sort of a heavy rockin drinking songs band. For the last six songs they got I think an ex-guitarist to join them on stage.
What I never realised before was this band got a lady on violin who rocks the stage. She also plays the keyboards on some songs. I really like the band live. Its so much fun...

Oh ok as I think I better hurry up and finish all these Hellfest thingys postings...
another band I choose to check out was this one Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench, a word play on the singer plus the band's name due to some contractual issues. I like what I see and hear.

To Be Continued....


Ijau D. Koceng said...

wow, classic ibanez iceman

berteromber said...

boleh bayangkan la macamana tekejar2nya ko time 2 band yang ko nak tengok main kat 2 stage yang berbeza....hahaha...tapi apa2 pun memang berbaloi kan pergi festival macam ni...macam2 band dapat tengok...

metal brain asylum said...

wahhhhh GORGUTS !!!! One my main influences. bestnyeeee abang deaf boleh gi sane !

Rafi said...

Skyclad tu baru aku tau..tapi ada pemain violin tu yg nampak unik..
Anyway tq for sharing this moment Abg deaf


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