Wednesday, July 9, 2014

two incoming magazines - classic rock summer 2014 issue & iron maiden fan club magazine no 98

Hellfest can waitttt..Hellfest can waitttt...Hellfest can waitttt...Hellfest can Wait For Another Day...,
(sung like Heaven Can Wait of course..)

OK, all my dumb reports and dumber photos of Hellfest 2014 and my backpack adventures have to waittttt....

because... I want to talk cock about two latest magazines that excites me...

Firstly, Classic Rock Magazine Summer 2014 issue no 199 (Rival Sons on the cover) does not only features some nice bands, but also includes a separate 24 pages magazine on IRON MAIDEN which is really interesting. The British Magazines are writing about Maiden due to the headlining of Knebworth 40 years by Maiden & of course Metallica under the Sonisphere name.

KNEBWORTH is a place I would like to go someday, I am awestruck by Led Zeppelin photos and stories playing two weekends there, the QUEEN helicopter flying in for that Magic Live photo but mostly definitely because of the video of that Robbie Williams three night dates.
Robbie Williams?
Yes, I have to admit, live he is simply awesome. And Knebworth is something of a legendary performance from Robbie Williams and what a very nice intro to that show...
Maybe one day Brian May should invite him to sing for Queen.

I seldom buy entertainment magazines nowadays, but this one is simply irresistible. I was going to purchase Terrorizer's latest special focussing on Norway bands, simply awesome issue this one if you are into that, but nope... I end up reading it at Kinokuniya instead LOL!!. Yes, I am a cheapskate, but again, we must always remember our priorities in life. hahaha.

OK, a short round up of this latest issue of Classic Rock magazine content, below are some articles that I read and enjoy. (As usual on any rock magazines, there are quite many bands articles and reviews that I completely ignore as I have no interest in them.)
- Rolling Stones touring US in 1969 makes a fascinating read LOL!!.
- Judas Priest with some very nice new articles... ah...and there was a mention of Desert Plains. I love this song, then and now.
- Chrissie Hynde - Why??? WHY ARE YOU SO SAD??? Something in your eyes........sob sob I stand sob.. sob sob you...... A long article about her.
- EXTREME - Now this is a superb few pages articles on Extreme. Very nice story about all their problems and setbacks.
etc etc etc etc... plus lot of other bands, lots of reviews of releases, and lots of concert reviews, and actually I love to ogle all the advertisements of new releases, musical equipments and instruments, and of course all the beautifully designed incoming festivals and shows ads.

now for the Iron Maiden mini-magazine that came with this latest Classic Rock, (the ultimate guide to the World's Biggest Heavy Metal Band).. really?? the biggest? I am not sure, but the greatest, consistently awesome and forever the best? 99.9999% probability.
- pre Maiden years has quotes from friends and members of bands that Steve Harris was a part of during his teenage and younger years before he created Maiden.
- Fancy and nice merch and tickets..
- start of Maiden and how they got their record deals and all the stories back then and HM Soundhouse and all that
- short articles and quotes from those in Maiden from 1975 to 1980..
- Remembering World Slavery Tour, times when Maiden appears on national tv, children shows, 1988 DONINGTON PARK happiness and tragedy...
- I love the two pages on some history, literature, legends, fictions figures, events, and stories that influenced Maiden songs..
- the auditions to replace Bruce...and Bruce return is flashbacked...
- I think this is definitely new, Classic Rock had asked their readers to nominate the top 50 Maiden songs of their choice...
The top 50... its something inconceivable for me..... I cannot even nominate a Maiden top 100 or even a top 150!!!!!!!! , but its interesting choice this top 50...
ok... Enjoy some of these.... I think this is a very good buy magazine content if you are fans of the bands featured in this magazine's issue.

The top 50 as polled by this magazine's readers sometime back is really interesting...
Myself, it would be terrible to have to firstly narrow down the top 50 songs that I like, and then arranged them from 50 to 1st. LOL!!!
Out of spite, I would maybe select Black Bart Blues as number 1, LOL!!!!!!
(Exsscuse Me, Are you in a band or something cause its really cool googgle gaggle gooo..)
(Here Comes!!! The Geeetarrrrrr Soloooooo!!!) haha.
Come to think of it, that Anthrax song on the Beavis and Butthead soundtrack, that alphabet magazine thing which Butthead brings to the toilet with LOL!! its like Black Bart Blues really, a boy knocking on a bus. OK OK...I am out of topic..
I was wondering too, how many people votes in for Mission From Harry? hahaha.

Now for the latest Iron Maiden Fan Club Magazine number 98.
The front cover is actually the back design on the last year Event Tshirt of Maiden headlining Donington Park Download Festival 2013,  and the memory of being there still delights me.
The back cover is the artwork to commemorate the Maiden headlining of Knebworth 40 years with Metallica as part of Sonisphere. Its the front design for the Event Tshirt for Knebworth show anyway last Saturday.

So the contents as usual is simply awesome. 40 over full colour pages of many nice things.
I think the best is the few pages on Janick Gers answering and telling about his guitars and gears, his set ups and also his tech Justin sharing informations too.

Plus I think a very nice tribute to the memory of the late Andy Matthews, who was so nice when he walked with me to the Frankfurt Festhalle from the city center, and I really cannot identify his face, and I was puzzled when fans from Poland stop us and to take photos and then I realise who he was as we parted ways.

Plus stuffs about football, fans adventures in regards to Maiden, the management recruiting new staff who is a Maiden fan and writes for magazines before, and of course very very nice photos of Maiden for me to ogle.
I think I will stop.

 Enjoy some of these pages ...


Ijau D. Koceng said...

hopefully someday terjumpa versi "amcorp mall" hehehe

D'arsil said...

aaaarghh mag iron maiden fc tu bah,, mantapnyaaa..

berteromber said...

thanks deaf tampal Classic Rock tu...tu hari aku dah pegang2...nak beli ker tak...takut2 tak best...macam ko cakap la... we must always remember our priorities in life...hahaha...

btw...sept ni Pet Shop Boys turun Spore/Malaysia...amacam?..

Rafi said...

Haritu aku ada nampak..tapi taktau pulak ada mini mag maiden dlm tu..tq Abg deap..dpt jugak aku baca im fc tu..hehe