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MH17, fireman spraying water, angra, iron maiden, slayer at Hellfest 2014 ((my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 6)

(My thoughts are with the flight MH17 passengers, crew and their love ones who comes from different countries all over the world. I know you guys are thinking of them too.)

While waiting for mad men (and life is fair because they all come in various political views, religious beliefs, different languages and ethnics, skin colour, regions and countries ) who cannot wait to destroy this world, as long as they satisfy their lust, just for their ego and worldly possession which we wont bring along to our Live After Death anyway, 

This will be a short final part about the bands that I choose to watch during Hellfest 2014. So I can move on to share about other things..
Ohhh the humanity... WATER!!!!

Doesnt they  who are creating trouble and destroying God's Earth knows that, you can fight all you want, kill all you want, but Water , simple water, is everything.

People cries out for water!! its the best thing for me in Hellfest.


This was during Angra , the Brazil band, played mainstage 2 on Sunday in the hot blazing late afternoon sun. A Fire-engine or Fire-truck, I dont know how you guys called it, but some firemen took the initiative to hose down the Angra crowd with water. Its so cooling. I dont know what the crowd is chanting, but I am sure it is something like “Thank you Mr Firemen”.

I got a short video of the hosing too... .

(anyway, my tactics at Hellfest is I always use the sides, besides I am SAFE from all the hurricanes and tornadoes at the center, it allows me easy movements to stand everywhere).

ANGRA. I used to like and try my best to follow up on this band many years ago, I always think they are going to be huge worldwide, even bigger than Sepultura (ooohh before I forget, Sepultura is on the Hellfest line up too, so was Soulfly on different days, if I did the Hellfest timetable, I would purposely put them back to back with the seperation of 5 mins on mainstage 1 and 2 haha, sorry guys, I did not snap any photo of either band for the time I was around when they both play, though Soulfly endings with a short and sweet The Trooper is something I like.)

 I wonder whats Andre Matos is doing now. I like him. I think his Shaman’s Fairytale is also a Korean tv series or Japanese tv series music theme too? I dont mind him being the Iron Maiden singer replacing Bruce Dickinson back then.. too bad, he will never be because he is not British.

Kiko and Rafael is still around though...alwayss around I guess.

This is the pro-shot television broadcast of Angra’s set in Hellfest 2014..
shit, I cannot locate it at youtube, I know it was pro-shot and shown on French television and someone uploaded it on you guys have to search it properly.

IRON MAIDEN first time ever at Hellfest, Hellfest organisation is big enough now to cater to them wooohooo...
The reason.... the main reason I made my journey to Hellfest 2014. Without a doubt, I dont think I will make this backpacking trip to Clisson, Nantes, France if Iron Maiden is not headlining Hellfest 2014.
I remember when Hellfest 2014 first batch of bands was announced, and I found them very attractive mix but then rumours start of Maiden, Aerosmith and Sabbath joining and usually the trees wont sway without wind (kalau takde angin pokok tak bergoyang), so I believe in those rumors and start to do my own research about travelling to Clisson and Hellfest.
When Maiden was really officially announced, I had already got the idea of what I should do to make the backpacking trip happens. Really tough on me to juggle for this trip, but its worth it.

I was at mainstage 1 more than an HOUR before Maiden starts playing...and this is what I get!!
Its one hour before, and I just dont feel like squeezing thru, so this is my view of Maiden during their set.

this is the furthest definitely I have ever seen Maiden from stage. But it makes a nice view LOL,  The whole stage pyros, though my view is far from optimum. Unless I am taller LOL!!!.

The French enjoys their Maiden, and basically everyone around me has a good time.
Bruce Dickinson was talking all the way in French, and maybe one of the reason Maiden is held in high regards I guess. Know the language, know the culture of the place you are inI did not prepare much in terms of French language, just the basic hellos and thank you’s. Maybe next time.
. Bruce was giving score-lines of France versus Switzerland, which in reality ends 5-2 France victory if I remember correctly. It was hilarious, even though I dont understand fully, but everytime it starts with “Ze Swiss....ZERO!!...the French...” oooohhh how the HELLFEST audience loves it.. hahahaha.

Ooo a short video I took during the start of the Trooper....of the audience around me, and even way further at the back...
It was lots of fun...

Iron Maiden in 2014 are at their smoothest, at their best. Yes, it helps they are into the 3rd year of playing the same Maiden England theme tour with a mostly “LAZY” similar setlist.
But it does bring me sadness, just thinking, Maiden with just not much time left, with just a very few short years left, but they are playing the best gigs of their lives, performing the best musicianship and showmanship of their lives, giving awesome incredible shows which I like to coin as really absolutely “ The Greatest Show On Earth “, bringing so much happiness and tears of joy to their fans everywhere, and its soon going to end.
Yes, I know, Maiden are playing it safe, they are not taking risks, they have missed so much golden opportunities this past few years, MAYBE ONE DAY THEY - the Iron Maiden members - WILL REGRET IT??, all the missed opportunities???
My wish for Maiden is just... please, two more studio albums. Next one, Steve Harris please just write your share of the greatest songs that only you can write, and please stand aside, just contribute your “best bassist in the world” recordings to the next album, and please let Adrian Smith (and with an input from Bruce Dickinson), handle all productions (with Kevin Shirley if needed) and maybe lets Adrian Smith gives the final approval to the next album. What will come out will definitely astound the whole world LOL!!!. Do a world tour, then, comes the final album, I know Martin Birch wont be coming back, but lets Steve Harris have control of it as he usually does (with Kevin Shirley), for the final time ever.
Plus three more world tours, to support both above albums, and a best of tour. No Farewell tours, its embarassing to farewell and then suddenly continue and continue...
And every one of that three tours, make sure you visit every single country in South East Asia.... Every single country?? Yes, every single country...Sort of a payback to all your fans in this region. Maybe not that many fans? even better, you play in clubs so we all get to see you upclose, really close

Ok, last but not least,

I guess, if I got it right, I am into the very final band that I set my eyes upon during Hellfest 2014, like I say I choose only a certain number of bands from the hectic timetable of more than 150 bands playing 6 stages for 3 days from late morning till early morning every day and night.
Yes, I moan that this band is not the same, I hate reading all the disagreements and washing of dirty linens in public. But... credit must be given when its due.
Remember the Terrorizer Magazine slogan that “No Slayer, No Terrorizer Magazine” ??
I guess, Hellfest with its lineup of bands wont have this impact and wont be this fun without Slayer’s existence and influence on other bands. Definitely music is not the same without Slayer’s existence.
So it is certainly a nice occasion for me that Slayer is one of the band playing at Hellfest 2014 too.
So the last photo of this post belongs to a shot I took of Slayer a distance away, when I left Death To All set before the end (yes another disastrous clash of schedules for me), to catch just a tiny bit of Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer!....
How appropriate the two bath in lights are......

In the near future, I will try to list down step by step with photos of the locations how I travel alone without really any knowledge of French (except for the basic greetings) from Paris to Nantes to Clisson, getting all the trains tickets and bus and pickups, and also the problems I face, the lessons I learnt, the small things that makes all the difference in travelling, the hidden cost, the amount of money I spent, and also about staying in Nantes for the duration of Hellfest and not camping in Clisson and travelling both directions daily.

Ok ok aku tahu la aku seminggu dua ni cakap omputeh je, berbual pun band2 omputeh je..., kira cam Yo-Yo-Ohh je gitu kan?? Ahhahaha.., aku sedar la aku sapa...

Hoi korang, yang melayu tetap aku tidak lupakan tau.


BAU KEDAI!!!!  Guitar Republicks Volume 1..   Nanti kita borak pasal ni k.

Au Revoir and Bon Voyage MH17.


D'arsil said...

kalau maiden main kat malaysia mungkin aku akan tetengok dorang ni..haha mudahan2 lah kan satu hari nanti dorang main kat sini..

berteromber said...

satu jam pun dah jauh ek...baik macam indoor stadium dulu tu...beli tiket murah...datang lambat dah ada tempat duduk siap2...hahaha...

btw...minggu lepas Vicious Volume Ria FM, Bo ada review album Guitar Republic ni...dapat la dengar lagu Khalid Mobin & Along Exist...boleh tahan la...

Rafi said...

siap ada bomba pancut air eh..nama pun hellfestkan..heheh..aku suka foto slayer angra n maiden..
macam best jer guitar republic tu..

Portdy said...

Nice review...

Bruce Dickinson ni kira vokalis lejen yg educated