Tuesday, July 15, 2014

vreid sognametal, powerwolf, shining, impaled nazarene, nocturnus AD, satan etc, at Hellfest 2014 ((my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 5)

Continuing my personal review, experience and photos of being at Hellfest 2014 Clisson France with Maiden and some nice bands that I choose to see play in the madness timetable of the three days.

One of the most “Darth-ly dark side of the force” intriguing and fascinating clashes of timetables for myself in Hellfest 2014 was on Sunday evening, with Behemoth playing at the same time as Vreid –Sognametal. Behemoth plays at mainstage 2 so we can expect a full presentation of their stage show, while Vreid is on the tents playing the Temple stage.

Its an easy choice for me, Vreid.. This is one of the most anticipated band that I want to see play live at Hellfest 2014 besides the Sweden band Shining among others. Vreid is a Norway band that comes out from another called Windir whose singer passed away. I am really entertained and I am so liking their style of music. The tag - Sognametal is what I assume as a special anniversary celebration with various musicians regarding the music of Vreid and Windir, most probably I am wrong but thats my guess.

Vried Sognametal is definitely one of the outstanding highlights of Hellfest 2014 for me.
Again, its one of the performances recorded and broadcasted on some French stations and its already on youtube, check them out.

Anyway, Behemoth performance was also broadcasted on French tv and its on youtube. I check it out a bit, its exciting, though I guess I made the right choice with Vreid at Hellfest environment.
Next, enjoy some photos galore of Powerwolf.
I never thought I got a chance to see this band play live and they are wonderfully entertaining. I nearly missed this band due to a comical double tragedy of oversleeping till afternoon (DAMN the CARCASS schedule which finish at 2AM and I only reach Nantes at 4AM!!) and I already missed some good bands playing in the morning, worse Powerwolf is playing soon and I am at Nantes!!!!, I rush to the train station, bought a ticket myself as I figured out how to use the automatic ticket dispenser which is all in French (you just remember the ouis and non-ouis or something like that and keep clicking the machine lever LOL!!)
and then horror of all horrors I realise French railway from Nantes to the village of Clisson on Sunday has a completely different timetable. I will tell more of this when I post about how I travelled there. Its still painful on my wallet. The sacrifices I go thru to see Powerwolf live!



Above photo is I think the exact moment as this photo comes out actually from stage direction...

Really Happy times indeed seeing Powerwolf play. Its very enjoyable with their performance and songs..

Next I want to talk about Shining. This is a controversial band from Sweden. Serious shit. At Hellfest the controversial singer keep shouting some Fuck You’s to the audience. I think that is more than enough for me. I dont want anything else to happen haha.
I like the time-changes of this band the most, and the singer, he reminds me of Gary Charone (Extreme/Van Halen III) with his postures and stage attitude. LOL!!

Another fascinating chance to see a band thats really at home in an environment like Hellfest. Oooo there is a pro-shot footage of Shining on French TV and its already on youtube... here it is...

I cannot locate it right now when posting this blog....Sorry either its taken down or its somewhere I cannot locate...

Impaled Nazarene... hmmnnn...
I dont really catch the idea of some statements about Europe voiced out from stage, maybe political statements?? I am not sure, but I enjoy their music live.

Moving On..
I really got to squeeze as much as possible as I want to get this Hellfest bands report to end ASAP so I can move on to other things, .

On Friday, one of the best bands that I saw was definitely Nocturnus A.D..
Again another band with some word-play on their name after their reunion.
Superb and a very very Classy. I like them so much.

Here is a short 2 Minutes video I took..

Everything about NOCTURNUS AD live is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!
Mike Browning I believed installed a camera on the sound desk for Temple Stage to record Nocturnus AD plays. Here it is...

MAYBE, for copyright reasons the Nocturnus AD camera was not pointed at the stage..But still the audio is nice..

Anyway, Mike Browning was introduced as the “evil one” LOL!!!.
And thinking they are playing at the same time as Rob Zombie on Mainstage 1 with a huge King Kong on stage. But I do got time to see the ending of Rob Zombie and prancing along to Enter Sandman & School’s Out medley that he played as last song.

Lastly for this post, I hope to complete all bands that I choose to see among the 150 plus bands at Hellfest 2014 by next post is a band appropriately named SATAN.
I understand there is a Singapore band with the name Satan too who just release a record.
But definitely this is the original earlier SATAN, part of the late 70s NWOBHM from Newcastle.
They are speedy... And I love it.....
I was quite in front for this band.

Oooo yes, I left Impiety (should be the first Singapore band to play Hellfest) early and dont wait for Impiety to finish because I dont want to miss SATAN right from the beginning. .
I enjoy Satan’s performance...thank you very much...
And it was like awesome, HELLFEST, in the Hot Afternoon Sun, and the whole place is going SATAN! SATAN! SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!! SATAN!!!.. Kind of hilarious too for me.
Instead of Satan the band should have name themselves Joyride, or Vulnerable, or June Afternoon or Crash Boom Bang or even plain Dangerous or maybe something really terrifyingly evil like Fading Like A Flower. Maybe they could get more popular worldwide LOL!!!

It was a bit at first the Satan! chants, then slowly as everyone realise how fuckin rock this band is, the SATAN! SATAN!! Chants gets so much louder, the mainstage attendance gets bigger, everyone pushing closer to the stage... I can feel everyone is slowly getting into this band and the moans are loud when the singer announced their Last song. Hahahaha. I love this band. Photos and a bit of video...

This is a short video of Trial By Fire song at the guitar solo onwards...
Sorry most of the times my short videos sounds are not optimum...I was usually near to the huge speakers  at the sides of the stages.. LOL!

In summary, SATAN has a very successful outing at Hellfest 2014. The band I mean.
OK, I guess I will talk the last few bands in the next post.... Bye....till then Au Revoir..

p.s – on my youtube channels I had added more basic wobbly videos of more bands that you might like. I had posted Impiety intro at Hellfest, Status Quo rockin all over the world dancing song hahaha, and some others..More to come.. Seriously Status Quo, I was way behind, but its so addictive this band.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

mencari deaf dlm gambar official atas stage tu, hahaha...

berteromber said...

Pergh!!..Nocturnus....memang berbaloi la ko pegi sana..

Rafi said...

Akhirnya..dpt jugak tgk powerwolf depan Mata eh..banyak band yg aku taktau..tq Abg deaf

D'arsil said...

dapat aku bayangkan kepuasannya..