Monday, January 5, 2015

Belinda Carlisle - Runaway Horses (triple discs remastered & expanded edition)

(Cover sikit, ehehehehe)

It has been some time since I mentioned about Belinda Carlisle, the best ever.

IRON WHAT??!!! Never heard of them.

So this is a continuation of my ongoing opinions and reviews of the avalanche of releases from her remastered and deluxed studio albums with additional cds and dvds, new live album and dvds, also the huge 5 disc boxset Anthology that came out in 2013 & 2014.
I hope she will release a brand new studio album in 2015.

I always think her Live Your Live Be Free album has an amazing arrays of sweet pop songs, and I still think her Real album is probably her best album due to its collection of fabulous rocking and raw sounding songs.

But Runaway Horses is purrfection, a combination of the above two. Exciting songs, some memorable ballads too. Bryan Adams is somewhere in there doing a duet, Maria Vidal of Body Rock fame sings backup and co-wrote the huge Summer Rain, and of course the late George Harrison (Beatles) and Steve Lukather (TOTO - personally I consider them the second best band in the world for me behind Maiden of course) plays and solos on some of the songs.
(Anyway, Steve Lukather is playing in Singapore soon, unfortunately I cannot make it, but I hope TOTO will come to both Malaysia & Singapore this year once their new album is release, so I hope to see them twice!! LOL!!! The thrill!! 
Problem with TOTO is you do not know who to focus on when they perform live, so lets make it two shows then haha).

- So what can I say of Runaway Horses-the album? 
lets see....

- I memorise the whole album LOL!!. Superb songs, best dramatic soul-grabbing singing ever, memorable lyrics, enjoyable music....
- From the glorious first song of Leave A Light On complete with THAT George Harrison slide guitar solo up to the finishing last song of the slow Shades Of Michaelangelo. With blockbusters after blockbusters in between - Summer Rain, Valentine, Vision of You, la Luna with the Spanish Guitars and Gypsy Violins etc etc 

So here on this release,

we have three disc which includes the double cd remastered deluxe edition of Runaway Horses album plus the different singles edit versions, plus the remixes - the extended versions, the dub mixes, the haunting La Luna acapella version, and other mixes plus even a Kamikaze mix LOL!!

My only dislike is the edit remix of Valentine.
I always feel Valentine is a slow tempo miserable heartbreaking song, not an uptempo version and worse, that is the version that appeared on the 5 disc Anthology boxset. I skipped it!! A special song being butchered..sigh.
On the 3rd disc is the dvd featuring interviews regarding the Runaway Horses years and the videos from that period.

So, I hope to continue next time... still a few more to go... then after that.. lets switch to Madonna. LOL!!!

For the other Edsel Remastered Triple Disc studio albums, the Live In Metropolis cd/dvd, the five disc Anthology boxset and other things Belinda that I have talk-cock... go here-

"Time Moves A Summer Wind, 
I Can See Your Face Again"
"Was It Such A Tragedy, 
Being You .... Being Me?"

IRON WHAT??!! .... (LOL!!!)


berteromber said...

pergh...meleleh nengok...nak cari versi vinyl la macam ni...hahaha...

Ijau D. Koceng said...

aku kompilasi yg haritu pun kira cukup la~

Rafi said...

Banyak jugak album dekni eh.kalo dia duet ngan Dave mustaine pun ok jugak..heheh..dia dulu hampir nak couple ngan abg mus..


Nak trade in boleh?

deaf-angel said...

trade in apa ?


Erm... Black eye peas

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Mcm best jer..mcm best jer...

deaf-angel said...

Black Eye Peas.
ada satu lagu tau, ada word "devil" ke "satan" kat lagu tu sedap giler.