Monday, February 29, 2016

(BERITA) Japanese Rock Incoming News that excites me - LOUDNESS / ANTHEM / OUTRAGE etc

Salam and Greetings To All.
WARNING - This is a long post.

As usual, I will talk-cock in my style of Disrespectful Rude Market Malay Language, and then to my Incorrigible Broken English Language.

But first, I saw this poster on the internet and how fucking mentally frustrated I am.
Loudness, Outrage and currently for the past few years my favourite Japanese Heavy Rock band - Anthem.
All together in one show. DAMN! SHIT! How I Wish I Could Be There Moment. This is a dream line-up if there ever was one.

Speaking of a Japan show, Iron Maiden is playing two nights at the same place in April in Japan.

Now in another time another place, that would be suitable for fans with limited budget who is travelling especially backpacking to see their favourite band but able to stay put in one place and see Maiden play over two nights at same location.

I once did this for Festhalle Frankfurt which Maiden played for two nights in 2014.
Maybe I get a similar chance next time.

Dari berbual pasal ELLA rock melayu dalam posting yang lepas, kita pindah ke rock Jepun.
Sama hebat, tak lebih , tak kurang.

1) Poster atas - Loudness/Outrage/ANTHEM. Bulan Mei ni kat Jepun. Aku tak paham selain dari maklumat itu. Lain semua berbual Jepun. Pada aku la ni sangat terbaik kalau dapat pergi tengok persembahan ini dengan tiga band Jepun yang aku minat beraksi satu malam. 

-Loudness tentu korang semua tahu. 
-Outrage ni kadang2 la, kadang2 pada aku ni band lagi Metallica dari Metallica.
-Anthem, sapa baca blog ni tahu la betapa kemaruk aku dengan kumpulan Anthem ni.

2) Bercakap pasal Loudness, Loudness dalam suasana menyambut 35 Tahun sebagai sebuah kumpulan. Itu hari dah keluar remastered Thunder In The East, ada satu boxset giler bapak mahal dalam ada vinyl semua, ada satu edisi dua disc yang masih harga berpatutan, dan nanti bulan 3 nanti akan keluar versi remastered satu disc.
Ada 11 album yang asli nye dari syarikat rakaman Columbia akan keluar bulan March nanti dengan remastering membabitkan anggota Loudness.
Tak silap aku Lima Album Pertama Loudness (empat pertama yang aslinya untuk pasaran Jepun dan kelima ialah Thunder In The East, campur SPIRITUAL CANOE, PANDEMONIUM, dan tiga album dari zaman solo Akira Takasaki.
Kalau ada peluang nak dapatkan remastered version ni, 
Aku target album yang antara aku paling minat 
- Disillusion English Version
- Disillusion 
- Law Of Devil's Land
Untuk aku ni dua album atas ni terbaik terutama Disillusion English Version.
Disillusion tentunya album paling Heavy Metal dan untuk aku terbaik setiap lagu zaman Loudness bermula dulu sebagai band Jepun sebelum mereka dikenali dunia dengan Thunder In The East.

Untuk aku Thunder In The East ni macam Dio punye Holy Diver.
Orang ramai dan penulis2 puji macam nak mampos, hebat la apa la...
Untuk aku Thunder In The East tu bagus la, tapi typical rock album untuk telinga aku walau ada lagu best, sama macam Holy Diver.
Album2 lain lagi best, untuk aku la. 

3) Bercakap pasal ANTHEM pulak...
Anthem akan keluarkan satu live Blue Ray Disc, bertajuk ANTHEM 30+
Aku rasa seluruh Blue Ray ni ialah Anthem main live dan interviews dan backstage.

Senarai lagu nanti aku letak kat bawah nanti.. aku jumpa kat dalam tenet untuk sapa yang minat Anthem sini.
Ni aku rasa ialah album cover untuk ANTHEM 30+ Blue Ray Disc.

Akan terbit sama hari dengan 11 Remastered albums Loudness zaman Columbia records yang aku cakap kat atas tadi.

4) Outrage dan One OK Rock - Aku berbual kons cakap omputeh eh.

K , tukar cenel 3 ke cenel 5.


So as the above,
Loudness is celebrating a sort of 35 Years Anniversary, that already have that expensive but really wonderful Boxset of Thunder In The East.
Unfortunately... Backpacking for Iron Maiden Book Of Soul World Tour is more important LOL!!!
so lets skip.
But next month, Loudness is releasing 11 albums as remasters versions with the involvement of the Loudness band members themselves.
So guess which ones I am going to go for?
of course the early years when Loudness was just a Japanese band.
The two Disillusion versions and Law Of Devil's Land should start of nicely.
Once I hope to get them, and if I really get them, I will blog it here. LOL!!!

As another of the photo I pasted above, 
ANTHEM is releasing a blue ray called ANTHEM 30+
I think that photo will be the cover of the album.
This I hope to have a copy.
ANTHEM has been my flavour of the month Japanese band for like? few years now. LOL!!!


  • Lasrly Outrage...
    They have recently released a mixture albums of cover songs from the Psychedelic Japanese Bands of early 70s, plus some traditional songs I believe (Kojono Tsuki) and also some of their own songs.
    Album is called GENESIS I.
    This is the cover above.
    I dont have it. I think its good.
    This is a video of their version of the song IJANAIKA from the 70s Psychedelic Japanese Band The MOPS.


    ONE OK ROCK or something?

    I knew they played Singapore. Never got to know about them. I think they are a younger band.

    But then I think they will play Donington Park at Download Festival on 2nd stage Sunday (Iron Maiden headlining day).

    If I can make it for this event, and I am trying to make it possible whatever the challenge$$$ LOL!!.
    Maybe I can find some time to check them out?

    This is the latest poster with their band name on it. See Sunday.

    But it will be chaos and I dont know how the timetable will be like.
    Seems its going to be confirmed Maiden will not clash with both SAXON and JANE'S ADDICTION, and I assume NAPALM DEATH on 4th Stage will also have stopped playing once Maiden hit the stage on Main Stage.
    Its going to be a crazy Sunday.

    OK till next time.


    Next post... Lets go for the best of British..
    Not Iron Maiden, or Deep Purple or Black Sabbath or even Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest or Rainbow, 

    but the more heavier and Satanic kind of music...



    berteromber said...

    aku masih tak complete aku punya loudness cd collection...pelan2 kayuh la..satu lagi nak try kolek Earthsaker juga...

    Kaemm Reutn said...

    aku rasa remastered by colombia aku nk beli disillusion japan & english la plak hehe

    Rafi said...

    "im twap,im living without chuuuuu" kalo remasterd tu harga murah mmg aku beli.teringin nak vinyl thunder in the east tu

    D'arsil said...

    enjoy lah deaf klu pegi.. hehe