Friday, February 5, 2016

Isu Perkauman - "we want to make clear there is no room for racism or fascism on FortaRock"...

Presiden kau pun kulit hitam, kau masih nak hidup dengan White Power dan salute Sieg Heil kau lagik?
Django Unchained dah tengok ke belum???

I dont listen to Pantera.
I dont listen to Down.

Fortunately. LOL!!!

But, I cannot avoid their music and I respect they have huge fans.

But after all these RACISM thingys, I am the opposite of what some fans are demanding.
Kicking them out of Download.
FORTAROCK already kicked them out. Because FORTAROCK makes it clear, no racism, no facism for FORTAROCK.

I think Fortarock did the right thing. They have responsibility as organisers.

I want to see Down. I want to see DOWN in Donington. LOL!!!

I sure am not going to clap or cheer, but I just want to see what WHITE POWER this Mr Phil Anselmo is talking about. LOL!!

Above is the latest Fortarock statement on this issue. Fortarock is a Dutch music Festival.

This is the latest Download Festival Poster 2016.

A true moment when I realise, Motorhead is forever gone. Their logo is already removed from Friday third from top, main stage.

Down is somewhere on Saturday...

Should be interesting.

Whether Down will remain or will be kick out. LOL!!

For those not in the know yet.

This is the Sieg Heil salute and White Power shout.

I guess he is just drunk???, but seriously...

Drunk people tell the truth..

Drunk people never lie.

Drunk people opens up their sorrows, hatred and grudges freely for those within earshots. 


Anyway he apologized.

So lets see the developments...

Anyway, I am sure his actions means Pantera and Down CDs will be selling like hot cakes to some people.



Letak Ghost kat tempat kosongtu.

berteromber said...

Pantera aku dengar jugak...Down memang tak tau...

Kaemm Reutn said...

dh boroi dh phil ni..xleh dh nyanyi xpkai baju cm dulu.. agaknya dia kaki minum

Rafi said...

Mamat botak ni sejak dari pantera lagi mmg racist ngan mulut puaka.antara punca DD ngan dia tak ngam

gulew kapas said...

jalan jalan nak cari Aliph. Terjumpa blog kau dalam komen sorg brader ni. hehehhe

dilabangiWORLD said...

wah dep, cuti panjang x kemana ke
kl jem wei

Tak dek ke gambor makanan wei'

D'arsil said...

betul tu org mabuk tidak akan menipu, cakap terus ja apa terbuku dlm hati wahahaha..