Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dio - Dream Evil (Japanese SHMCD Deluxe 2CD Cardboard Sleeves Mini Lp Version)

Hello and Salam Sejahtera Shiny Happy People.
As usual, a bit of introduction in my Disrespectful Market Bazaar Malay language,
before moving on and on.. on and on.... in my Broken English language.

Firstly its sad to reflect that TWO members from this Dream Evil lineup are now no more. 
But their music lives on and on.. on and on...both heaven and hell times in our lives.

Album Dream Evil dari kumpulan Dio ni, ialah dari segi sentimental value - album kegemaran aku dari Dio.

Segala nye terbaik. Setiap lagu, ada lagu yang menusuk jiwa, ada lagu yang aku simpan dalam hati untuk aku gunakan hadapi cabaran setiap hari sebagai inspirasi, dari dulu sampai sekarang aku suka tengok dan carik2 apa2 lagi aku boleh intepretasi dari lukisan album cover untuk Dream Evil ni jugak haha.


Kalau dari segi ALBUM TERBAIK sepanjang zaman kumpulan Dio, aku akan pilih Dream Evil dan Last In Line.
Aku tak boleh pilih antara ni dua dari segi Album Terbaik kumpulan Dio. Ni dah bagus aku kurangkan jadi dua. Kadang2 aku fikir Lock Up The Wolves pun terbaik jugak. haha.. 

Serious berbual, untuk aku album Holy Diver macam...  best la jugak, tapi tak sebest beberapa album Dio yang lain. Tapi ni masing2, kan. Untuk aku album Holy Diver serupa hit & miss gitu, ada beberapa lagu gerek nak mampos, tetapi tak konsisten la satu album pada halwa telinga dan selera aku.

Jadi ni ialah remastering album Dream Evil tahun 2012/2013 gitu dan untuk pasaran Jepun, sama jugak pasaran barat ada versi 2cd, tapi rilisan Jepun yang aku ada ni sangat istimewa bungkusan dan segala isi dalam dia.


Akhir sekali, aku pernah tunjuk kat blog ni.. Tour Book untuk Dio Dream Evil World Tour.
Kat dalam tu, dah cetak nama MALAYSIA besar2. Atau Kuala Lumpur? nanti aku gi carik kat blog belakang2.
Maknanya masa planning untuk buat World Tour Dream Evil, Dio macam dah confirm gitu sebab tu dah cetak dalam Program Book Dream Evil World Tour.

OK la..  aku nak tukar cenel speaking london pulak.

So this is the CUTE, AWESOME, FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL Japanese Pressing Version of the Remastered Dream Evil Deluxe 2cd version that comes as a SHM-CD format,
- both cds have their separate Cardboard Sleeves in the style of a Mini-Lp.
Also among all the inlets, and a stylish Mini Lp jacket that supposely replicate the original lp sleeve and lots of other cute things...
The complete full lyrics of every song from Dream Evil album is also attached.
And as usual, a nice obi strip and other stuffs.

Yes, the SHM-CD Hi-fidelity CD is transparent to me as I treat as a normal CD (LOL!!!), but as usual Japanese Pressings and Japanese Versions Packagings of cds are always a feast for the eyes.

THIS packaging is a beauty.

Anyway to the album itself.

DREAM EVIL album - what can I say of the nine songs in this album from these gentlemen of the Dream Evil lineup. - (Ronnie James Dio/ Craig Goldy(Goldie in some prints)/ Jimmy Bain/ Vinny Appice/ Claude Schnell)

- Every song is stupendous. 
- Every song is full of great memories. 
- Every song is an inspiration.
- And certainly this album has some of the most beautiful lyrics by Ronnie James Dio.

Sunset Superman could probably the biggest popular song ever by Dio, unfortunately it just remain an album song, and also a B-side.
All The Fools Sail Away - what a spine-tingling delivery by RJD, Brings so much sadness and emotions to me.
Naked In The Rain - I always love this song for whatever reasons? LOL!!! It has everything. Dramatic song.
Faces In The Window - this song grows on me even after so many many years.

and not forgetting other songs like -  Night People, Dream Evil, Overlove etc etc..
but... there is one special song...
I Could Have Been A Dreamer which will forever be my dream song.

This song is like my inner voice rescuing me because I always say in my life, I dedicate 99.9% of my life for how life responsibilities and priorities is supposed to be run...
but just 0.1%, I am in own little world...  a dream land that only exist in my mind, and I try to make it happen LOL!!! (for example - cue Maiden!! Maiden!! Maiden!!!! ) LOL!!!

and this song is like a motto for how I personally want my life to be...


The world can put me as much challenges in life, and as long as I could dream. I know I can make things better for whos and whats important for me in life. 

Anyway, Vivian Campbell is on this deluxe version,
as the song HIDE IN THE RAINBOW is included. Vivian Campbell plays on that song.

The second cd also features the incredible performance of DIO AT DONINGTON PARK Monsters Of Rock 1987. It must have been amazing to be there with the songs played, and some medley surprises that includes Temple Of The King.

Dio was 2nd from top before Headliners - Bon Jovi.

Metallica, WASP, Anthrax and CINDERELLA were below Dio.

This was the show when during Bon Jovi performance Bruce Dickinson and I think Paul Stanley join in and Bruce saying something like Maiden going to play Donington 1988.

And basically, another of the lots of reasons why Donington is to me a special place and its a life-long mission really. LOL!!!

And I want to try to make it there it again this year. I hope. LOL!!

OK, enjoy the rest of the packaging.

This is the inlets.. Not in sequence.

The inlet has some amazing stories by Craig Goldy.

A really honest view from Craig Goldy.

Seldom you have inlet texts like this.

This is a very nice deluxe double cd to have, irregardless which pressings or packaging versions you can find.

lastly.. remember.


\m/    \m/


Till next time...

the rears...


Rafi said...

Pergh..lawa siot.mcm2 ada.aku ada cd versi biasa je.syok layan gamba mcm2 ada

Kaemm Reutn said...

mmg bes klu cd yg booklet tebal berlipat2 ada gambar cantik2.. nk pegang ngn tangan pun aku rase nk kene pkai glove takut kotor karang hehe

Saudagar Mimpi said...

Pakej cun! Antara sebab kenapa CD still rulez!

D'arsil said...

nak tahu juga lagunya.. nanti aku cuba dgr di utube.

Portdy said...

Shiny hapy people holding hand

berteromber said...

Versi Jepun memang sentiasa best arr...


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