Friday, June 24, 2011

Diary Of A Madman - Legacy Edition

Ingat nak cerita pasal Sultan Johor bawak last train hari Khamis kul 10malam nye train nanti, tapi KIV dulu pasal gambo belum edit, tak thrill cerita takde gambo.

My introduction to these just released expanded and legacy editions is all here when I talk about the Blizzard Of Ozz Expanded Edition. So this blog post has less of ‘talk cock’ but more photos.

So let’s go straight to the point. Diary Of A Madman Legazy Edition has two cds.

First cd is exactly as we know the album, ( not the blasphemous and disgusting 2002 version with deleted original bass and drums, and which has the Metallica guy playing bass and the drums also played by another person ). Only this remastered version from the original recordings means its so much louder.I hope Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake receives their rightful recognition.

Second cd is a live cd.

Some music and audio enthusiast has negative impression about certain remastered cds but for me, the advantage is I really need the music to be loud as I rip the cds and listen to it as mp3 while walking on the streets and waiting in public and taking public transport. MP3 players can only go to a certain maximum loudness, so the remastered cds helps me a lot haha.

If I have to take a Ozzy Osbourne studio cd to a desert island, it will be a toss between Blizzard Of Ozz and Bark At The Moon, but that doesn’t mean Diary Of A Madman is not good. Just that those first and third album have more memorable and meaningful songs to me. Song by song comparison may end up with Diary…giving a good fight to the other two as Over The Mountain, Flying High Again and the beautiful Tonight plus You Cant Kill Rock N Roll are fabulous songs.

Compared to the Expanded Edition of Blizzard Of Ozz, the booklet forDiary…’s Legacy Edition is thicker. The usual lyrics and some nice photos.

The second cd is a live recording taken from Blizzard Of Ozz with Ozzy introducing Flying High Again and Believer as new songs from a new album. Very similar setlist content but different recording to the Randy Rhoads Tribute album although there is no Goodbye To Romance and No Bone Movies and also there is the guitar solo in Suicide Solution and Tommy Aldridge drum solo at Steal Away The Night if I am not wrong. Very nice especially Mr Crowley, Revelation, Crazy Train, etc etc, and another nice sounding live collection of that era.

I do hope there is a Legacy Edition for Bark At The Moon. Such a sentimental favourite for me from the start of the album up to the ending of Waiting For Darkness. I hope there are a lot of treasures dig out from that Jake E Lee period.


Dr. Ben said...

ada hearing problem tak sebab selalu dengar benda loud-loud ni. Aku terasa dah. Kadang2 kena hala telinga kepada arah bunyi tu (mulut orang).

berteromber said...

Jake E Lee memang underated...dlm buku I am Ozzy pun macam takder sebut pun nama dia...

Dr.Ben...telinga aku pun sama...sekarang ni sekali sekala dengar mp3 guna earphone anak aku pun rasa sakit telinga....

iaryylr said...

wah begini rupa isinya, terima kasih Bro kerana kupaskan..

deaf-angel said...

serious tak sebut jake e lee? biar betik

apa pun...jaga lah pendengaran sebelum makin pekak...

gayour said...

huh! photo ozzy angkat randy tu paling best bebanding cover 'tribute' pasal beliau angkat tangan tanda berjaya angkat gitaris terhebat!

memang 'flying high again ' tul!