Thursday, June 2, 2011

fanclub magazine 89 iron maiden

The newest fc magazine no 89 is here.
Over 42 pages of content with nothing but Maiden.

( click all photos to enlarge as usual ).

lots of unique unseen photos as usual and great content
- a detailed 2 page interview with Janick answering questions from fans and he really answer in detail and intelligently.
- 3 page story on Nicko at the studio for Rock for Armenia recording with Tony Iommi etc.
- Australian leg review
- Steve interview during Oz leg, he mentioned Singapore show was just amazing ( yep it was simply unbelievable crowd response for a Singapore crowd that is ), and he mentioned about Bali being his probably personal worst gig in years because of the sound. At least to him, I think.

- Detailed and deep interview with people behind the scene this time the promoter in UK.
- fanclub trip to Florida. I would like to participate in these sort of fanclub trips but I guess it remains a dream as its too costly for me. But I enjoy reading about others experience and its all here in photos and stories.
plus other things....two posters, etc.

ooo my favourite was
- the photo of Steve cuddling a koala. So cute... haha.

Definitely this photo was taken at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, as I did my blog of visiting this beautiful place, someone in Australia post a message saying that Steve Harris also visit Lone Pine Sanctuary when they were playing Soundwave which I attended and maybe I just miss him with the koalas and kangaroos over there.

Another fantastic photo, furthermore as the magazine is huge and printed on quality paper, so once it a two page photo spread , it really stands out..

ooo another nice and 'buat kelakar' photo, of Adrian this time with some sort of underwear package with wisdom words in tune with the Ed Force One flight itenary.

yes...still many more nice photos inside... I like.


Portdy said...

I like it too,

I wonder if any local Rock Bands FC can provide some mags/ merch like this?

There was WINGS and maybe SWEET CHARITY that sell a lot of merch/stuff for fan, I hope they will continued to please their fans, and encourage their FAN CLUB.

berteromber said...

portdy...local rock bands FC also can do maa...

but the mags must be free or can be download....heheh..

iaryylr said...

Wah cantik nie Bro!, terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi!