Thursday, June 30, 2011

last days KTM in Singapore (pt 3) - Bukit Timah Station

I think not many people in Malaysia and Singapore are aware of how meaningful and historic this station is.
Originally it was built in 1915 or something. Dah tua giler.

The Malaysian and Singapore flag fly side by side. I always think its hilarious and pathetic that I regularly read and hear of soothsayers, doom merchants and prophet of disasters always talking negatively and with a sense of deep hatred and grudge about the relationship between these both countries and all that is exaggeratedly evil and bad about each other, and to constantly maliciously provoke emotional response from each other,
but the real people that matters, people who criss-cross the immigrations to be with families, relatives, friends, to work, to go to school, or to visit socially, and there are hundred thousands DAILY from both countries, have no problem at all.
I believe, some of these people may not even know what they are talking about, maybe sort of a 'nodding donkey'?

LOOK HERE! huhu.

Keretapi nye daredevil.. I'm going off the rails on a crazy train haha.

Aku tak tahu untuk satu Semenanjung ke tak, tapi kat Singapura, KTM pakai sistem Token sebagai petanda keretapi mana yang berhak lalu kat sesuatu track tu pasal ada tempat kan single track aje. Mau kang takde sistem ni berlanggar la siot kalo semua main rembat jalan menonong je kan? haha.
So tengok gambo penyerahan token ok.

I dont know about the whole peninsular Malaysia but in Singapore , KTM is using the Token service to give right of way to the one in possession of the token on a single track.
Sort of A Lord Of The Ring concept.

In this post I will share some useful details I learnt from the friendly but operationally disciplined KTM Staff that manned this station that may interest some of you..

in English KTM terms - Main which is the track nearest the platform, Loop which is the center track and furthest from the platform is called Siding.
In KTM's Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu the term is refered to as 'ibu'
, 'gelong(gelung)' and lastly 'sisian'.

Actually there was a train derailment at the Siding last year, and the point leading from Tanjong Pagar is still not workable, so a short length train or a loco can still enter the Siding but must be from the Johor direction.

I have always wanted to ask the KTM staffs , especially the older experienced ones about their job, and its really interesting talking to staff who had been around for 30 years and had seen it all and done it all.

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to take some photos of the interior of the station master room with the staff's permission.

radar token used to communicate about the passing and handling of the token.

the safebox of this ktm station.

the phone with no dialing number I think used to communicate with the Tanjong Pagar Station staff.

I did talk about the signalling system of the KTM last post, I think I got a slightly better idea. To throw a point, you have to activate the corresponding lever twice. I think the blue color is the lock system, and it will also indicate Green or Red ( KTM pakai hijau ngan merah tak salah aku ) to the train driver.

Jadi standard la, hijau bleh masuk, merah tak boleh.

More pics....KTM bridge at Bukit Timah Dunearn Road. Jambatan ni kalo kena remove, mesti rasa lain sekali.

Trackwork.. pakar wooo yang kerja buat trackwork ni, ngah alignment ngan grinding ngan apa je la..

I got a few more photos, I think I will upload all on my deafeningforever.blogspot ( which miraculously I got back the password ) when I got the time.


Nizam said...

sedih pulak baca dlm kosmo arini kisahnya.sayonara! you definately will be missed!

aku HIV positif said...

semua gambo2 ni sgt berharga.
dulu jenuh mcari gambo2 bgini utk buat n3 sbuah blog yg lain.
t kasih bro...

gayour said...

photo serahan token cam serahan button larian berganti2 tu klasik!

hanya tinggal kenangan. boleh la jadi lokasi filem seram tahap tekencing atau koboi zaman jesse labu!

Dr. Ben said...

thanks deaf... gambar2 lu ni akan jadi archive.

iaryylr said...

Banyak barang lama nampaknya... siapalah bakal memilikinya!??? terima kasih bro, saya tidak pernah sampai sini...

Portdy said...

Waiting at the station
Tears filling up my eyes
Sometimes the pain you hide
Burns like a fire inside
Look out my window
Sometimes it's hard to see
The things you want in life
Come and go so easily

She took the last train out of my heart ooo, ooo
She took the last train
And now I think I'll make a brand new start
She took the last train out of my heart

♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

selamat tinggal....
sedeh pulak aku dep....
mana taknya ini adalah kenangan KTM
tiada lagi dipandangan selepas ini...huaaaaa
Nice DEP! power giller gadget hang