Tuesday, June 14, 2011

review magazine classic rock July 2011 - Maiden cover story

I seldom buy magazines, but if the magazine features
- a fantastic Iron Maiden photo/artwork on the cover
- at least 7 pages of Maiden stories
- great stories from other rock bands that I love to listen to then I may consider buying it if budget permits haha.

This is the Classic Rock Magazine for the month of July with Eddie on the cover ala President Barrack Obama artwork some time back.

Before opening wrapping. (click all photos to enlarge)

After opening wrapping.

This is so similar to this right? haha.

The content actually includes 2 cds of samplers, (which includes a song from Def Leppard's coming live album ) and also a seperate magazine of articles and stories on Pearl Jam Ten album. If you like Pearl Jam, sure you like this... I dont know this album, but I know the song Jeremy as I had seen the MTV of the song before. So at least I have heard one song from Pearl Jam. Ooo plus the Daughter song. Off to the rubbish bin the Pearl Jam magazine segment goes haha.

Lots of Maiden, nice to read, even if you know it, but the writting is great..with interesting 'potraits'...especially Steve Harris

I like the Roy Z encouraging Bruce to rejoin Maiden part, and also how Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson rates Rainbow Rising as one of their favourite albums haha. ( here is my copy of the Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition ). So all Rainbow fans, you're in good company.

Plus lots of stuffs on
-early Def Leppard breakthru in America and their response in Britain at that time,
-lots of Journey and I dont think Journey's new cd can better their Revelations cd which I think is so fabulous especially the triple disc version,
-some great Queen story in their 70s era,
-also some unseen photos of Led Zeppelin in 1980 Europe.
-The Ian Gillan/Toni Iommi Armenia project,
-a very informative Sammy Hagar interview etc.

Plus lots of other stories of other bands and reviews and whatever.
Makes a nice read. So for me this magazine is worth it to buy for the whole content that comes with it.


Portdy said...

cover Classic Rock Julai 2011 ni saya dah jadikan wallpaper handphone saya heh heh heh

berteromber said...

deaf...untuk golongan macam kita...mag classic rock ni memang terbaik la...walaupun aku tak pernah beli (mahal ler)...tapi selalu gak curi2 baca kat kedai..

Faizal and Anna said...

Betul la Berteromber, awal2 dulu slalu la layan Q mag, Kerrang!, Rolling Stone mag...hmm! URTV. Skarang dah meningkat usia, sememangnya Classic Rock mag ni mengimbau kenangan musik yg masih terlekat dihati.

*Issue ini sedang ditatap dan dibaca oleh penulis...

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Aku cuma beli classic rock ni kalau ternampak pasal Pink Floyd jer. Mcm bulan jun ari tu dia org cover psl Roger Water the Wall. Apa pun mmg bebaloi wlpn mahal sket.

Dr. Ben said...

agghhhh kat kedai sini pun tak jumpa... mana nak cari ntah!

matakucing said...

pearl jam tu kalu nk buang..buang kat pos box umah aku eh he5

deaf-angel said...

berteromber - aku carik sampai aku jumpa yang S$12. Aku tahu kat Midvalley aku nampak cover depan Toto ialah 60RM.

matakucing - aku rasa aku belum buang, kalo ada lagi aku kasi ko. Lupa lak ko minat muzik jenis gini

gayour said...

lama dah gua tak jumpa classic rock ni! ARGHHHHH!

vinnie tania said...

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