Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review Loudness 25th July 2011 Scape Warehouse Singapore

Cakap omputeh dulu..

This is what I saw and hear on 25 July 2011 Loudness Live in Singapore at Scape Warehouse during their 30th anniversary tour.

1) First Time I went to Scape. Unlike most of you lucky guys in Johor and Singapore who catch the legendary Sentosa 1989 show with Mike Vescera, this is my first time haha. Nice place for about 800 standing capacity, I think there are more space but I think there is those safety rules to comply. Full house definitely and as its a Monday evening, you see a few in office attire among the rock tshirts. Clear majority in attendance are Malays young and not so young and far from young haha.
2) Come across old and not so old friends. Always bound to happen when going for rock concerts. BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.
I know some of them are loyal longterm continuity hardcore Loudness fans, so like I say, tonite show means a lot for these people.
3) Entry I got problem, line up and then turned away at the door because no tagging. So Line Up again another section.
4) Tshirts collection for pre-booking is very smooth. Thanks a lot.
5) I enter and Paul Danial Trio with Jatt Ali is already playing...

Sort of a Ronnie James Dio setlist...Fantastic performance by the four of them.. I manage to catch them playing Gates of Babylon ( Gates Of Babylon siak !!! legend giler ), Children Of The Sea, Heaven And Hell, Holy Diver, Dont Talk To Strangers... Jatt not need to sing as the audience especially those in front are singing for him...word for word. But when he sings, I hope Dio Disciples takes him on haha. I was hoping they play a Ministry Of Rock song but nope.
6) Jatt Ali sings " Gadis Ayu ", just that portion. I am so happy. Long Live BDB.
7) Wait for Loudness and I am nearer back, no mood to hustle and bustle nearer the front and I am trying to bootleg the show on my recorder so I guess I avoid the expected fanatcial singing-along by most guys in front haha.
8) Wait and see the Loudness crew preparing the stage.
Then its Loudness time..
9) Intro tape played. Drummer Masayuki Suzuki, then bassist Masayoshi Yamashita and Akira Takasaki appears and start play instrumental Fire Of Spirit.
10) Then Minoru Nihara appears and ask for the lighting staff to off certain lights as too bright for him, then he and Akira leaves the stage and call Masayoshi off stage too.
11) We wait again...about 4-5 minutes for them to sort out the issue.
12) Intro tape played again. Akira say sorry.
13) Played Fire Of Spirit again.
14) Minoru Nihara reappears wearing sunglasses this time, and they play Hit The Rails.

15) Minoru greets the crowd and say sorry for the earlier problem. He mentioned about Loudness having played here but for himself it is the first time.
16) Crazy Night next.
17) Heavy Chain followed.
18) Akira whispers to Minoru, so Minoru says Akira guitar needs tuning. So Akira talks about his age and Loudness debut, about Loudness 30 years anniversary, about the tiny Japanese guy who loves his Rock n Roll , and making jokes about the front row younger fans not born yet or something haha. I think he jokingly ask for a guitar to play accoustic. Then he introduce the drummer.
19) Akira ask for a drum solo. So Masayuki plays a drum solo.
20) Akira leads a 'we want more' chant, so Masayuki plays a second drum solo.
21) Akira then went to the drums and we got an Akira Takasaki drum solo.
22) Akira guitar tech joins in on the ending of the drum solo while preparing the guitar.
23) Masayoshi leads a 'we want more' chant next, so Akira went to the mic and ask for a bass solo.
24) So we get a bass solo. The crowd next ask for a Vocal Solo. Hillarious and very funny.
25) In The Mirror next, I always love these fast and furious Loudness songs so I guess thats why I love Disillusion the most, and I think Disillusion is the most tilted to heavy metal album by Loudness ever.
26) So Lonely next, what a surprise because its not played in the US Leg of the tour. I would prefer the original song that first appears as Ares Lament but beggars cant be choosers. Quite long version of So Lonely this one with Akira solo and everything hahaha. Near 8 minutes. I think everyone can sing along all nite long with this song and not get tired of it.
27)Exploder intro is played next, and Akira starts his solo which intertwined with Exploder. This is about 6 minutes long.
28)Like Hell continues the older 80s songs sequence.
29)Band Introduction next, Minoru talks a bit and joke about the new drummer being nervous backstage and introduced and ask applause for the drummer twice.
30) Get Away follows.
31) Black Star Oblivion next.
32) We got the intro Requiem and then King Of Pain.
33) Immediately follwed by Crazy Doctor. This version verses is sung in Japanese version not English version. I am happy to hear people singing along once the chorus switch to English.
34) Loudness leaves the stage.
35) What comes next is hillarious. Akira comes up on stage to tease the fans with his sayonaras and 'why you so quiet', but everytime he speaks, it has some in the crowd bursting with laughter including myself. Very cute way of speaking this Akira.
36) Let It Go. And I think this song takes everyone back to the 80s during their younger days haha.
37) SDI.
38) Loudness waves farewell.

About 107 minutes. Still waiting for a high quality complete bootleg of the show anyone? Mine pekak badak but I super like it haha. Tak jemu dengar.

After the show, bade farewell to friends who I dont know when I meet again or hear from again, and the words in most mouths is " WHITESNAKE!!!".

Cakap melayu sikit, happy la jumpa kawan2 lama dan tak lama sangat dan muka2 familiar hehe. Semoga jumpa lagi. Cam aku cakap, bila nak blah, yang disebut2 ialah 'Whitesnake'. Dan jugak aku survey jugak show ni sapa ramai pergi, so selain ada sebilangan kaum Cina dan Mat Salleh, majoriti terang lagi bersuluh budak mim jugak. haha. Tapi bagus, disiplin bagus, salute korang, dan jugak thanks a lot to the organisers. I dont think they are really focus on the heavy rock/rock n roll market but great job guys kat counters , kat pintu dan masa tagging and thanks for the cheaper tickets and tshirts. Cuma terkehel tak clear pasal tagging tu, or mungkin aku yang memang pekak. Semoga korang host lagi banyak genre heavy rock / rock n roll shows cam gini.

Baju belum bukak plastik pun...kawan aku cakap " nasib baik N dia betul " haha.. siot je.


aku HIV positif said...

singapore jauh sekali, kl pun tak dapat. dpt baca kat news dan sini pun okla... :(

berteromber said...

setlist ngan KL punya tak sama ek...

Whitesnake 1 Nov...kena kerja la pulak...arghhhh!!!!

ilazz said...

dulu abang2 aku kan men minat mamat jepun nih..lagu dia yg aku ingat smpai la ni heavy chain tu je..

speedrider said...

deaf, aku tak dapat tangkap pasal 'N' tu. ada cerita ker?

Dr. Ben said...

melepas dok kat US ni hehe

deaf-angel said...

N dia kan kalo ko perasan untuk Singapore punya ada jatuh sikit.
Walau untuk foto tshirt advance order.
Kalo ko tengok KL nye ok.

WanBeruas said...

..harap sangat Whitesnake nanti aku dapat g..banyak sangat gig yg jauh dan dekat yg aku dah terlepas..adussss

Takilala said...

Yeah Loudness! Best layan masa kat KL sehari sebelum tu.

SkiD said...

Tu la...masa aku memuda dulu, diorang tak boleh datang. Sekarang aku pulak tak leh gi show diaorang...pasal dah tua dan uzur...hahahaha!!