Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A super quick brief report of the unusual things that happen in Loudness live in Singapore yesterday..

My report tommorrow la..but a short 'gezek' first.

I think these are the unusual things that happen that did not happen elsewhere..
I also never managed to make it for the KL show so I dont know the setlist there but the unusual things are -
Singapore got
1) TWO times the intro music
2) TWO times the first instrumental Fire Of Spirit as Loudness wants to redo everything from the start after their ' walk out '.
3) Loudness walking OFF stage to settle some lighting issues once Minoru appear after the first Fire Of Spirit.
4) THREEE DRUMS SOLO!!! with Akira doing one
Drum solo 1 done and completed.
Akira cheerleading 'we want more!' so we get drum solo 2 as his guitar hasnt complete tuning I think.
Akira then takeover drums to do his own drum solo..and his guitar tech join in during tuning of his guitar.
4) Masayoshi Yamashita then continue the " we want more! " cheers..
and end up Akira ask for a bass solo.. So we got a bass solo too before they proceed to next song after guitar tuning complete.

These are the unusual things...

Still waiting for the first audio complete bootlegs to appear, if none, I will take out mine..


aku HIV positif said...

aku jeles bro...
aku dulu belajar kenal band jepun ni setelah search copy lagu 'nombor' dlm dia org punya first album. dari situlah baru aku tahu loudness & earthshaker dsbnya.

speedrider said...

wow. ini sangat rare!

berteromber said...

dengar cerita kat Spore tak main Shadows Of War eh?