Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"rasa macam kat wembley"

Just for fun, the cover is like this

and the back cover is like this.

Till we get an official release dvd and double cd ( I hope ), which I think will be the best ever Wings live official release and a sure hotseller, this is something to remember for those who are there, and also for those who are not there.
The full 2hrs show unedited.

A low quality fan audience audio recording, but I think this is one of my best. I had been listening a few times and it gives me a bit of goosebumps especially on songs like Hukum Karma and Taman Rashidah Utama. One fast, one slow, which demonstrates how both the band and the audience are into it.

I love it so much so I just put in on youtube just in case anyone is interested.
Malay Rock Music is seriously lacking in archieving all the live performances since the days of the 70s. I am not merely talking about a multi lineup pop concert with one or two songs being played by your favourite rock band, but a full 90mins-2hrs show.

Some of my older recordings are too embarassing quality to upload at least on youtube, but still if all these is not shared, then it will just dissapear..

enjoy - I think using a earphone or headphone at maximum volume will helps a bit.

01 intro
02 watari
03 opera hidup
04 hukum karma
05 semalam yang hangat
06 ranggi metropolis
07 lena diulit mimpi
08 bernafas dalam lumpur
09 awie stage banter
10 inspirasi taming sari
11 romania
12 keyboards
13 joe instrumental
14 jerangkung dalam almari
15 sejati
16 taman rashidah utama
17 musafir di aidilfitri
18 peronda jaket biru


aku HIV positif said...

thx bro...
kurang2 dpt jugala rasa suasana sikit2 :)

Portdy said...

wow im losferword....

Awie reach almost all song with the original key! walauweiii!

tq encik deaf kasi muatnaik ini konsert dalam Youtube

berteromber said...

dah dengar semua...sound ko rakam kira boleh tahan la...TQ beb.

deaf-angel said...

portdy, u got that right.

Dr. Ben said...

thanks for this. Malangnya kat ofis youtube kena block.

Kaboi Tanduk said...

nice recording, terbaik!