Friday, September 2, 2011

when hope is lost..

This Hari Raya season is a depressing one for me Arsenal-wise. Trying to convince my love one not to change team. 8-2 but as a kid, I grow up when Middlesbrough won 5-0 so its nothing that shocking for me.

Last I log onto internet before Eid-Fitr, Scott Parker was chased by Tottenham. I always thought he should be in Arsenal as he is good and he is English. While Arsenal are just chasing shadows with a few days left of transfer. I have the impression Arsenal can buy, but cannot afford the weekly salary.

Its like, you save up money to install airconditioning, and you ( I am referring to myself ) get it install, but you ( I am referring to myself ) know you ( I am referring to myself ) got problem paying the electric bill monthly, so you ( I ) dont do it :-)

Today, I log onto internet. Scott Parker is confirmed with Spurs. Sad for myself. But this means in Song and Frimpong we trust.

But Arsenal suddenly have
- The South Korean Captain
- The Werder Bremen Captain/70+ cap German international who will partner Vermalen.
- The Israel Captain who was booed and cause embarrassing apologies to be made on the behalf the people who boo this player. This is news worldwide, and it really is stupid and negative advertisement.
- The Everton playmaker who is 5th ranking in creating goals last season, and is a Spaniard to boot.
- The Brazil first choice left back though I never hear of this guy before.

I AM SO SHOCKED!! Its like a dream.

Better late than never..
So whatever happens this season, at least, effort have been made though it should have been done earlier.