Tuesday, November 22, 2011

masalah kesihatan tinnitus & Black Sabbath 12th December 1995 Forbidden Tour gig

This Two Things in the title are related for me.
dari wikipedia, Tinnitus is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound.

Jadi tu hari ada internet news bilang satu orang ni bunuh diri pasal dia dah tak tahan lepas dia kena tinnitus lepas tengok band John Paul Jones/Dave Grohl nama Them Crooked Vultures ke hapa tu.
Betul kot berita ni, anyway, dah masuk tv dulu, ada satu apek local, lalui pembedahan untuk pekakkan telinga dia seluruhnya, pasal dah tak boleh buat apa. Apek tu sanggup untuk jadi pekak selamanya dari menanggung gangguan tinnitus ni.
Korang pun, sama ada pasal muzik atau kerja ( dan aku kadang2 tengok pekerja2 India/Bangla/China/Indon ) yang buat drill work/cutting work/ tak pakai hearing aid, aku pun sedih sangat pasal dorang takde sapa nak enforce, pasal memang kadang2 dorang ni ada yang memang ungkal.
ok lagi sekali, korang pun ada mesti pernah lalui pengalaman tinnitus atau yang serupa ngan ni dalam hidup korang kan?
Ni experience aku... ( switch omputeh lak ).

So, there I was , in my younger days ( aceh ceh ceh )..back in 12th December 1995, at World Trade Center Harbour Pavillion ( yes, those days when we mentioned Pavillion its at harbour front, nowadays Pavillion is synonym with Expo MRT station, where some of the bands that you all go and enjoy was Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force ( when first time they come )where Dougie White, another Rainbow alumni bluff the audience that they are doing a live recording, and make all of us to sing I AM A VIKING as loud as humanly possible haha, and of course Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer! which I think is the band that makes me so most exhausted just seeing them play live. If anyone havent see Slayer, go the next time come, or you go to Soundwave nearby to see them on the bill,.. its like an experience.

And there is also the gossipy article of Metallica being accused of putting Theraphy? between them in Donington many years ago just because of worrying the audience is tired haha. Even in heavy rock music, you can find lots of gossip.
But I think not true, Iron Maiden have Slayer to open their London dates in 2000/2001 so I think its just gossip, or its really true. I mean, Lulu is not a gossip, Lulu is true hahahaha.

Anyway back to the topic of this blog,
It was Black Sabbath.. not fronted by Ozzy, not Ronnie James Dio, not Ian Gillan, but Toni Martin from the Forbidden/Headless Cross/Tyr period.
I was somewhere at front, directly facing and lower a bit than those huge monster speakers.
It was impressive and unforgettable, whenever Toni Iommi come to the side I was standing with his Children of The Grave riffs etc, with Bobby Rondinelli a Rainbow alumni, ( Cozy Powell just left before the Asian tour ), so its sad that I never get to see the late great Cozy Powell ( another Rainbow alumni ) in action live even once. The rest of the band are some musicians with names we often read in those hard rock magazines and cassette inlets at that time - Neil Murray/Geof Nichols.

Its like yesterday, I was like in awe when Toni Iommi I remember was playing this little keyboards set up for him quickly on stage for the song Changes.
I think, that was the time that teach me, whenever I go see a band play especially those western bands, which until now makes me aware and look for out whats happening and what could happen next when a band stops playing a while or the lights on stage all blacked out, a good example is the Maiden's final frontier gig in Singapore when I had avoid hard rock music internet websites for a few days just so I wont know what is the setlist in Moscow, and when they stop a while and an accoustic guitar was being set up for Janick, it really interest me cause I got to feel excited and amuse and my brains try to work out about whats coming up next. Similar to the 2008 Perth show which was was also the 2nd date and I had restraint myself from sufing the internet so I wont know what is the Mumbai setlist, and an accoustic guitar suddenly was set up at Dave Murray's area.
ok, back to the that day..And they still had Paranoid ending with the Heaven And Hell loop , if you get what I mean.
And speaking of Paranoid, there very near me, was a handsome man, enjoying himself during that song, with his circle of friends/bodyguards?? who really looks like Amy Search, I never go up to him and talk la, but its him la, sorry for me, rock stars are rock stars when they come on stage, but if I see them off stage, at the shopping malls, or even selling vegetables ( and we know one of the greatest drummers jual sayur satu masa dahulu and as a kid I buy kelapa parut or whatever I forget from him ), they are just normal people who I guess wants to be left alone, and for me I have no heran if I dont take photo or shake hands with them, because I have love their music since I was young and always look up to them, when they are on stage - they are my heroes since young and now as a much older person as I like to see these bands live thru the years. Anyway, They ( I mean this Amy Search looking person and his friends/bodyguards?? all come very late after the show starts, I still remember, like it was yesterday.. There are some shows which are unforgettable, and basically this is one of them. Toni Iommi got this aura and if you are near to the front its magical if he comes to stand near front of you.

So lets hope, Black Sabbath with the original classic line up comes to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore in 2012 or beyond if they or me are still alive haha.. ( ok ok joke macam sial, I know ).
-We already got Forbidden line up ( excluding Cozy Powell, sigh ),
-we already got the late Ronnie James Dio/Geezer Butler/Vinnie Appice lineup under the Heaven and Hell moniker,
so lets hope for the Ozzy/Bill Wards line up, as this two persons is left for me to see. Ian Gillan - I never seen him with Sabbath but love the Sabbath bootlegs of his era, but with Purple I had seen Gillan, 4? 5? times. so its ok la. So is Glen Hughes, got one bootleg of him fronting Sabbath from Hammersmith that is so awesome sounding.


And I most love the intro of the Ozzy " live and loud " cd with Zakk Wylde, that very last song or something where Ozzy introduce the band as " Mr Toni Iommi, Mr Geezer Butler, Mr Bill Wards, Ozzy Osbourne, we got black sabbath back man! ".
If you dont have that double cd ( I used to have the metal speaker carboard version with the fake tattoos which I had lost those cute tattoos ), or dont know what I am talking about, listen -

ok, back to the tinnitus thingy
After the show, I was like lepaking outside and there is this horrible horrible undescribable sound in my ears which I dont know whether its tinnitus, or tin-tintinus, or asterixtus or obelixtus, I dont ever want to go thru it again..
The sound follows me for like till the next day.. It really is bothersome rabak punye.
Its so scary because I was like, ok, its one thing to go deaf, but for the sound to follow you...
That is why this man's suicide is horrible... Maybe there are medical ways to help, but it makes some people go crazy, or decide to completely medically go deaf just to make this thing go away, or worse case like this rock fan, kill himself.

So like Phua Chu Kang says before he kena sent for Speak Proper English Class by the gomen ( Government ) as students are answering exam scripts based on his character on tv - " dont pray pray ".


matakucing said...

kdg2 aku pernah gak rasa..2,3 hari berdesing jer telinga lps ngk gig..sakit..& paling tak hengat dulu telinga aku pernah masuk cengkerik..lagi sakit.

Ijau D. Koceng said...

sbb tu aku slalu bekal earplug tiap kali nak pi jamming, tgk gig atau konsert

yg earplug span kuning tu brapa la sgt regenye

berteromber said...

ko pernah kena telinga masuk semut?...lagi torture beb...

btw...untung la ko...banyak rock heroes zaman kita budak2 ko dah nengok...

gayour said...

dulu penah beli walkman cap ayam,layan plak album 'scream bloody gore - death , dia punya sound.. ARGHHH! menanah telinga beb! rasa nak mandi terjun sungai.

MindHeartBodySoul said...

first time aku baca terms 'tinnitus'aku ingat titanus... oo.. mcam tergiang2 bunyi irritating/annoying sampai xleh stand anymore...