Tuesday, November 29, 2011

20/02/2012 bukit larangan - judas priest FAREWELL world tour

After 30 over years, finally Judas Priest ( without KK Downing ) has included South East Asia on their travels and its labelled as the Epitaph FAREWELL.

The only Asia show outside of Japan. Early bird ticket went on sale yesterday.

Unlike Maiden who played at the Singapore Indoor Stadium which can easily fit in over 12,000, Judas Priest will be playing open air at the Bukit Larangan Forbidden Hills of lush sloping green fields of Fort Canning Park which is about max 7000 plus plus I think.

Worse, to have Lamb Of God which I think is very popular among music listeners as openers, so I got a bit KANCHONG about the tickets availability..

Furthermore, as the tickets are free standing, no staggering of ticket prices which dictates where you stand ( or sit ) near or far so I think there wont much stressful thinking on the deepness of fans pocket, its a straightforward GO or NO GO.

Me GO OR me NO GO - I dont know, its three months away...

But, I try to go... seems its the only time to ever see Rob Halford & Glen Tipton & Ian Hil performed some of their Judas Priest Style Heavy Metal for the one and only time...

Collect the tickets this morning..

Fuck, it would have been nice to have KK Downing, and the beautiful alternate solos of Derita Bangsa aka Sentinel and Rock Hard Ride Free, but the Steve Harris daughter guitar player isnt he? the new guy.

Saw Lauren Harris band opening for Maiden in 2008, and I was like reminded of Zakk Wylde of the new Judas Priest guitar player. If its the same one rite?
So whatever..

Onward we catapult, we're thrusting to the hilt!

Will write more when the date draw nearer... as for now...Its Search Rock N Roll City Week..

and then its the celebratons of the Paradise Lost triple disc release...

huhu. Yeah rite, life has it ups and downs, life has its priorities but rock....

rock maintain.


Dr. Ben said...

yeap ex gitaris Lauren Harris. Showmanship masa tu memang best. He was a real show. JP right on this.

MindHeartBodySoul said...

shouldn't miss it, high energy concert. Free standing pros & cons tak yah pikir.

berteromber said...

another show yang aku kena biarkan berlalu...heheh..

best jugak nengok kat youtube derita bangsa aka sentinel 2011...tapi rob bercakap ajer tak nyanyi...spoil betul..

Dr. Ben said...


iaryylr said...

wah seronoklah nampaknya! he he he!