Wednesday, November 2, 2011

review Whitesnake - 1st Nov 2011 Singapore

Sample of David Coverdale stage banter last night
" F*%k me is this hot all the time? Splendid! Dont you like it when its moist? moist moist? I feel like moving here " haha.

This is a review of what I saw and heard last night at Singapore's Fort Canning Park of Whitesnake Forevemore Tour 2011 concert.

Firstly, I just want to say Singapore got two surprise extra songs ( one and a half but if you want to count that very short Slow N Easy teaser we got three songs haha) , a short Lonely Days Lonely Nights as a birthday song and also Bad Boys after Burn. David Coverdale even remarked whether they still remember the song. I think this is the first time the song is played on this world tour that had played many parts of the world already.

Talk cock in Malay a bit.
-Datang ngan selipar, bawak beg sling standy baju extra haha, musim hujan la siak. Kalo nak bawak payung, siak payung aku jenis lipat kecik2 ada bunga2, lawak lak tengok Whitesnake pegang payung pompuan haha
- Dah jadi macam habit lak, sengaja datang lambat tak kuasa nak tengok band openers. Semalam, Band Indon, SLANK. Aku tak kesah la kalo konsert Inul kat Singapore promoter panggil Slank opening. Tapi ni Whitesnake! Semalam jumpa kawan aku pun cakap sama " Takde band rock Singapore ke nak panggil?? Malek ke? ". Aku sebenarnya dalam hati nak kumpulan Lovehunters. Get it? Lovehunters? ada paham? dari mana nama tu? haha. Anyway nak kena harapkan band Indonesia? Memalukan la.
Dah la last song Slank panggil dua pompuan Indonesia kat crowd naik stage, joget dangdut je aku tengok.

A could be scenario
Foreigner " hey, is this opener a local band? ". "Nope, Indonesian". " What? You cant even have a local rock band to play tonite? ". Embarassing right?

ok ulasan Whitenake semalam..

Enjoying a show and recording a personal bootleg of the event especially outdoors with many people around having lots of fun is a challenge haha. But I am happy with the quality. At least not so embarassing if people wants a copy.

This is the setlist songs played last night, same and added extras compared to other places.
- Intro - My Generation ( The Who not the Iron Maiden version haha ).

- Best Years
- Give Me All Your Love Tonite
- Love Aint No Stranger
- Is This Love
- Steal Your Heart Away
- LONELY DAYS LONELY NIGHTS ( acapella birthday song for a Bob who is in the audience last night )
- Forevermore
- Guitar Duel
- Can You Hear The Wind Blows
- Love Will Set You Free
- Drums Solo
- The Deeper The Love
- Fool For Your Loving
- Here I Go Again
- Still Of The Night

- Soldier Of Fortune
- Burn / Stormbringer

- Outro - We Wish You Well / Always Look On Brighter Side Of Life

What I notice and interested enough to blog about it

- Doug Aldrich - The Dio guitarist for Killing The Dragon and a few other releases. So of course I like him as much as David Coverdale in the current whitesnake lineup.
He is like more high profile on stage compared to Reb Beach. Funny about him seating down for Forevermore and David Coverdale complaining the guitarist and drummer seating down like signing cheques or something like that.
Doug has more solos on the Forevermore album songs they played tonite.

Its interesting to see how they split the old Whitesnake / Deep Purple songs solos.
First solo Is This Love is shared.
Reb Beach guitar solo for
- Give Me All Your Love Tonight, Deeper The Love, Here I Go Again etc
Doug Aldrich guitar solo for
- Is This Love 2nd solo, Bad Boys, Still Of The Night, Burn, Love Aint No Stranger etc.

Drum Solo - Too long, I always hope they rather squeeze an extra song but definitely David Coverdale need to care for his voice and rest. I wonder how many drum sticks this drummer use everynight. Maybe they recycled?? haha.

Bass player - At the song Burn I thought it was Glenn Hughes at the Budokan mid 70s like what we all see in Youtube haha.

David Coverdale - he can still scream. He still got his voice for his age. Very good still although its too bad we only catch him in action now. Like he say " Why the Hell it took so long ?? " to come here I think thats what he means.

Band Introduction is funny
- Soon to release a book called " Waitresses I Have Known - bass player Michael Devin and they play a bit of Aerosmith's Walk This Way
- The Man With The Massive Organ - Keyboards player
- Red Corner, Crown Prince Of Porno - Reb Beach and they play a very short Slow N Easy.
- Blue Corner Lord Of The Les Paul - Doug Aldrich

Deeper The Love - They dont play the fading end part of which is my favourite the " never gonna let you go in my heart I know " section.
But this song makes me so fuckin happy. I was like smiling from ear to ear haha. BEST GILER SIOL ni lagu. Its like everytime I see Deep Purple and once they start Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming haha.

The crowd ( and even its a Tuesday crowd are many ) knows the older famous songs so its great everytime there is the crowd singing participations and David Coverdale ask the crowd to sing certain parts of the songs.
Everytime David Coverdale ask to clap or havent ask to clap, many in crowd co-operate haha. Sporting crowd, and this why Fort Canning Park helps to promote a rocking environment rather than the boring seating down of watching a rock concert.

What is all that flying around? Fruit Bats?. I think they love Whitesnake/Deep Purple music too.

After Burn, David Coverdale says Thank You, but then the surprise thing is the band members were not assembling in front of the stage for their bow.
And the crowd was not moving away... when I think majority in this internet age knows Burn is the last song of this tour, Some cheers of We Want More! from the audience.
David says " you want more? "
And they start to play another song.
HAPPINESS!! I thought I am not going to hear Bad Boys live. HAPPENING SONG!.
Doug Aldrich huhu really awesome on this song.

The way I look it, the band was on fire tonight. Must be the outdoor weather that they are not used to, and in fact its already cool as its rainy season. Or else it will be like what Andi Deris Helloween says at Fort Canning " Sweating like a pig! ". haha.

The New songs played last night are really nice... Forevermore gerek siak intro. Lain2 pun sedap.

The Outro tape is the song We Wish You Well and after that a big surprise to me - " Alway Look On The Bright Side Of Life ", which is also used by Iron Maiden. Very nice.

I see what I can do with the taping of the audio I did last night. Its all for my own satisfaction, but if its not too embarassing quality, I hope to share it.

p.s - First concert I attend for 2011, the 1st January Lovehunters show has Soldier Of Fortune being sung by Yazid, last night, which is maybe last concert for 2011 for me is also the same, but by the original singer haha.
So something fantastic for a fantastic song haha.


berteromber said...

macam punya review memang out of this world la baru real fan punya review...

kasi upload la bootleg tu...

Dr. Ben said...

nice review bro... bootleg kasi up!

p/s: aku tak buat bootleg, takde apparatus.

aku HIV positif said...

david coverdale nampak sgt steady sebagai seorang yg berumur 60 tahun.

p/s-tetiba teringat zmn skolah menengah dulu.

Faizal and Anna said...

Deaf..tak sangka lu pon minat "The Deeper The Love" mcm wa.. sememangnya the best love anthem dari whitesnake. Bila terdengar je intro ketukan drum dan rhythm lagu ni masa concert trus flashback kenangan masa sekolah bila mula2 nak kenal cintan...hehe!

Kaboi Tanduk said...

"Dah la last song Slank panggil dua pompuan Indonesia kat crowd naik stage, joget dangdut je aku tengok."


WanBeruas said... yang 'cantek' bro wa suka..1981 Ali Bakar Showmasters janji nak bawa WS lepas Gillan N The Band..Aku tunggu punya tunggu aritu dorang datang tapi tak dapat pergi frust sesangat!!!!

darkshahrulez said...

setuju dgn statement lu bro..andaikata Yazid Lovehunter & co yg jd opening maybe lebih sesuai..nice review bro..tq

iaryylr said...

Hangat Bro Hangat kalau hujan hujan.. yehaa... memang tidak syok kalau pembukaan konsert oleh artis luar... apakan daya bro...

JAIRO said...

hairan.. jauh jugak drg cari opening band....

gayour said...

david coverdale masih hebat seperti 30 tahun yang lalu!

here i go again