Monday, October 1, 2012

steve harris british lion cd

Got this Friday. Miss out on all the streaming sessions on the internet. I also missed the Maiden United streaming session. But nevermind,  so I am highly anticipating their 2nd cd.

But now, Steve " without him there wont be no Iron Maiden and the world will not be the same " Harris first solo effort. Seems this was a long time secret project which at last comes out.
All songs here are co-written with other people, Steve Harris is also the producer and co-producer for every song. From the information on the cd booklet, at few different drummers were used, and different recording studios.
Besides playing bass, co-writting all songs, producing or co-producing,
Steve also does the cover lion artwork, its not listed in the cd booklet but it was informed in one of his interviews in the German language mag rockhard

So I start to play this cd, actually I ripped it to 320kbps and listen to the mp3,
The 1st song is superb. Really something I never expect
The singer singing style is a big surprise for me. I was kind of expecting a more rock style singing.

I think among all Maiden members other projects, this British Lion is most close to Adrian Smith And Project's Silver and Gold.

So I like most songs. Entertaining very melodic pop-rock music. Makes your head and shoulder tilt slightly left and right when listening and standing/sitting in public transport.
-1st song is the most unusual, This Is My God.
For me this song is very modern. Take me by surprise.
-2nd song Lost Worlds.
"I used to dream of mountains that I would climb some day".
What beautiful words.
-Karma Killer
I dont get it when Steve says it will be 70s rock. 70s very good music he says.
Because this is beyond that. Interesting intro and song.
- 4th song Us Against The World
Great intro. Would make a nice Maiden song. Great lyrics.
- 5th song. The Chosen Ones.
Rocking song. Steve Harris is there alrite on my earphones.
- A World Without Heaven
Longest song more than 7 mins, this is another good pop-rock song. Love the instrumental section, I think this the most Maiden moment of the whole album.
- Judas. 7th song.
I can close my eyes and imagine Annie Lennox or the Pet Shop Boys singer singing this song.
"Like Porcelain in pieces."
Very nice sudden time change in this song.
-Eyes Of The Young. 8th song.
Another pop-rocking nice song.
- These Are The Hands
Nice album really, if I wouldnt know Steve Harris was involved, I would still like it. I would not mind listening to these songs, and maybe categorise them with some radio friendly pop songs with guitar solos.
- The Lesson
Slowwwwww...and sad.
" You can predict cause nothing's set in stone , a lesson learned,a lesson thats too late for learning ".

. . . Now lets see what surprise Maiden United will bring for their 2nd cd.


PC kOKak said...

huh cepat nyer, dah dapat dah.

faizal abd fathi said...


berteromber said...

aku cuma kurang berkenan suara penyanyinya...

Adi Herman said...

Congrats bro! Seriously i envy u my place,its very hard to find this cd...

Portdy said...

suara dia lembut...dah terbiasa dengor Bruce Dickinson

tapi bassline dia meletup letup

Rafi said...

tak dapat lagi..dah cari serata music store kat kl ni diorang kata tak sampai lagi..


antara manusia yang paling aktif menulis..sejak tahun2008 sampai skarang..tahniah bro..banyak perkongsian ilmu