Friday, October 5, 2012

across the seventh sea - Maiden uniteD cd

Arrival of the the Maiden uniteD second cd yesterday together with the 'pre-sale countries' tshirt. Ripped it to 320kbps mp3, and been listening to it a few rounds while walking in public, and on public transport of buses and trains.
So this is my own opinion and short review.
Maiden uniteD is beyond just a wonderful Iron Maiden tribute band, it is because their own arrangements and reworks of Maiden songs transformed the songs we all know so well into something different and special using accoustic guitars and bass, grand pianos, strings etc, calm drumming and great singing too.
I like Maiden uniteD first time I hear their samples that I even pre-ordered their first cd, Mind The Accoustic Pieces where they play the whole Piece Of Mind. I like it very much like I said before in this blog. I thought that will be one-off release as Maiden uniteD members are definitely big names in their own original music making, so when news of them releasing a second cd, I am so happy.

So we have 'Across The Seven Sea'. Starts with a short Seventh Deadly Sins and straight into ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. Very nice version though I would have like to hear that Steve Harris bass line. Then 2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, I thought this song is too overplayed and was not expecting much, but Maiden uniteD never dissapoints, the song starts with the chorus and makes it so refreshing.
Next, PROWLER, what a choice, and once this song starts, it feels like this album just begins. Prowler is always a powerful song, and I love the piano in the instrumental part, it can go on and on and I wont feel bored. 10/10. FLASH OF THE BLADE, another great choice of songs. When listening, and even when getting this cd, I was not really focussing on the songlist so that when I listen, I was actually having a guessing game of what is the song being performed is on the first few seconds of the intro. Really like it when the song instrumental section transforms into a bit of "Bossa Nova" or whatever you call it sort of music. Another 10/10. Followed by CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED, ahhh the start that I immediately know what song they are playing. Brilliant intro. COTD is always a favourite. Great singing on an emotional song. Then time for the beautiful INFINITE DREAMS. Remember I link a youtube on this blog of someone somewhere playing this song on a piano alone. I always got a fetish on this song played on a piano. Maiden uniteD does a nice version.
Song number seven is 22 ACACIA AVENUE. 9 Minutes long.... I love it. 10+1/10 Charlotte would be very happy to hear this version of her song. The way this song is performed, really makes the storyline of this song, which has everything from prostitution, abuse and cruelty to them, sexual diseases, and rescue of Charlotte, to a hopefully happy ending, stands out. Next, THE EVIL THAT MEN DO. If I remember correctly a song of the seventh son falling in love with the Devil's daughter. Now it really does sound like one. Slow and lots of feeling. WASTED YEARS completes the cd and it ends with another short Seventh Deadly Sins.

I have an enjoyable time listening. Being 666 seas and oceans away, I doubt I ever see Maiden uniteD play live, but who knows. Hopefully there will be more Maiden uniteD in the future, besides their regular jobs with their other bands.
The surprise factor is now lessen, more or less people will know what to expect. But still a lot for them to explore, I would like to hear their arrangements on stuffs like Strange World, Alexander The Great even post reunion stuffs like Nomad or Montsegur. Plus instrumentals like Genghis Khan. And if the lady singer makes an appearance again would be nice.

Ooo the tshirt, there is a list of countries on the back of it. I think the countries which have pre-ordered their 2nd cd. A big increase from their 1st release yes. 37 countries. So well done Maiden uniteD, fans worldwide trust enough to pre-order you guys.

Lastly, the booklet that comes with the digipak has some nice artworks. Some are dramatic. The cover has the SSOASS skyline or it seems to me. Inside you have the huge mountanous Powerslave tomb submerged... I most love the one where the future Derek Rigg's Blade Runner look of Acacia Avenue street scene is basically submerged into the sea. With sharks swimming above.


faizal abd fathi said...

cantik baju dia...

Adi Herman said...

Got any cd reviews of The Iron Maiden (chicks version IM)?

Rafi said...

Nice..nak kena cari ni

Rafi said...

Nice..nak kena cari ni

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pre-sale countries yg Spore tu mesti ko la wakil ek...malaysia takder...