Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Frankfurt's Maiden 11 June 2013 ticket has arrived :-)

"Kita mampu merancang hanya Tuhan menentukan tak perlu dikesahkan..ooo wooo..ooo." -
Lagu Biarkan Berlalu.
kerja giler dan menyusahkan diri sendiri. Berangan travel tempat baru untuk tengok Iron Maiden, memang aku nak nangis bila fikir belanja nak backpack berapa hari ni tapi takpe aku cuba. Kalo tak jadi, apa boleh buat....yang penting cuba.

1001 things can go wrong, but failing to plan is planning to fail. So ORIGINALLY my utterly squeezely tight budget Backpacking trip for Iron Maiden's Maiden England Tour 2013 is tentatively planned like this in Germany & England..

11th June 2013 Tuesday
- Festhalle Frankfurt, Germany
15th June 2013 Saturday
- Donington Park, England (Download Festival)
and hopefully...
4th quarter 2013 - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
4th quarter 2013 - Singapore


But first from a week back?, Lets talk German efficiency... a good website eventim.de for buying Iron Maiden tickets for fans outside Germany from the rest of the world in English language, and though the delivery charges is crazily expensive, but I had already received it.
I got this Maiden ticket using the Pre-Sale codes provided and like I say its very easy even for a non-German speaking person on the website.

The news just in Maiden had SOLD OUT Frankfurt first night 14,000 in 24 hours it go on public sale.
They are outselling everyone, including Justin Bieber.
And now they are adding a second night FRANKFURT on 12 June 2013 Wednesday.

So I will try to go for

11th June 2013 Tuesday
- Festhalle Frankfurt, Germany
12th June 2013 Wednesday
- Festhalle Frankfurt, Germany
15th June 2013 Saturday
- Donington Park, England (Download Festival)
and hopefully...
4th quarter 2013 - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
4th quarter 2013 - Singapore

- Frankfurt Festhhalle is like 100 years old building, its interesting to see standing is cheaper than seats.
I choose both nights standing of course, I saw photos and youtubes of this place,
seems standing is about 5000 of 14000 capacity. Scary photos of the environment haha. But still I will try my luck with First On The Barrier Competition.
Opening night for the Germans the Tuesday is.

- Donington Park, The photos and youtubes are scary to the maximum haha.
I got to plan on trying to survive 100,000 'mat salleh' fans in the middle of a muddy field near Derby. I browse thru youtube, and I was like , Mampos berlumpur giler nak kena pakai boot phua chu kang siak!!
I plan to stand respectfully at the back *muahaha * macam tak logik berbual * respectful*,
absorbing Castle Donington Park, the one single place I always want to go see Maiden play in front of their own countrymen
I think there will be many bands and a few stages, Slipknot headline Friday, Ramstein Sunday, surely there will be other bands that I like will be there but, I dont really care la. Depending on my budget and time, I may even skip Friday and Sunday shows but maybe there will be rock or metal bands that I like playing on both day, but my priority is just to see Maiden headline Saturday night.

Tickets for Donington Park Download 2013.
Tickets even for the rest of the world ticket buyers will not be posted early, no such luck like the Germans, I forsee problems if it never arrive, or I had left for Europe and the tixs still have not arrived. But I think they are worried of the ticket touts or reselling of tickets or something. Anyway we cross this bridge when we reach it. .

OK, lets talk Singapore and Malaysia 2013 dates, in relation to what is concrete that is rock in rio 2013.
With Maiden headlining ROCK IN RIO 2013 Brazil in September 2013, it means Maiden is stepping out of Europe in 2013 to South America. So there is really a Rest of the World date for at least one show.

But still no Ed Force One news, I dont know if without their own plane, they can cover or willing to cover areas, cities and countries and dates as they did for example 2011.
My prediction is it will be early September before Rock In Rio or immediately after it maybe by October? Lets hope so. Its going to be very expensive to bring Maiden in with all the travels and logistics included,

Like I say, if they did play Singapore again, the hardcore will be there, dragging their love ones along, so there is surely a guranteed sales in term of some portion of the tickets,
but the novelty of seeing the greatest band in history and also the best live band performance in history ( I am not exaggerating ok ) may wear off for people who are not exactly big fans of Maiden especially with other big bands playing So its really a big question mark, if you take into consideration even cities and countries in Europe are also not guaranteed a Maiden visit. So maybe 2 years and 8 months is just nice, to make it full house again. Though, if you ask me, if Maiden plays both Malaysia and Singapore, of course people like Ed the Search fan will be there for both  but it will definitely affect Singapore sales as the Singapore show has lots of Malaysians and from India. Plus a number of fans from aroud the world who travel to see Maiden at exotic places . But if Jakarta Indonesia is missed for 2013 Maiden England, then ok the Indonesia fans will come here or KL.
BUT ON  THE OTHER HAND, ITS A HISTORY TOUR focussing more on 1988, AND WILL ATTRACT A LOT OF ATTENTION of everyone everwhere

I JUST HOPE ITS NOT LIKE EUROPE NOW. The dates are being announced all over, staggered, which results in much difficulty for fans.
Its like Malmo, being announced today after some time Stockholm sold out 50,000 in one day or something.
Its now like you think will there be more shows announced? or not anymore?
So should I grab whatever shows available now? Because it will sell out fast. But then if I get tickets now, what about better location shows coming up later and I dont have money?

Imagine if its like Singapore is announced early, then people all over Malaysia bought tickets in advance, then one or two weeks later KL is announced. Or vice versa. Or includes Jakarta or even Bangkok in the probability. Its a headache really.
So if they want to play Asia, definitely hopefully they announced all at once.

Its a lot of probability la this type of things. Interesting to think about how all these things work.
How I wish I can focus even half this passion and energy to my real life-  I would have made a better person in all ways.

Now..I have to try my best to make this trip a reality, JIA YO!!


Ijau D. Koceng said...

KL = pergi!
s'pore (lagi) = 50/50

berteromber said...

Rega tiket jer aku dah tak mampu....

Good luck beb!

Adi Herman said...

Die hard!

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Mak aih harga tiket..btw,gud luck for ur european trip bro..

caspera said...

bole try search flight tix kat sini: http://matrix.itasoftware.com/