Tuesday, May 28, 2013

talk about maiden in bilbao few hrs ago & bon jovi (updated 28/5/2013 evening)

I didnt sleep last night, patiently waiting for the Bilbao Spain show to start, I guess possibly thousands of fans all over the world were monitoring all sources of news in the internet, waiting for whatever reports or updates trickling in from Bilbao.
But it was fun as a "silent reader" reading all the discussions and jokes in the Maiden forum as the night progresses in Bilbao, especially with all the false news and rumours being spread from "jokers" all around the world.

The wonders of internet age never fails to amaze.
Even as the show was progressing,
opening song Moonchild's video was already shared by a Brazil fan website, and Adrian Smith's solo is something else. I like it, and it keeps up with his Aces High solo on the first show of 2009 SBIT tour in Croatia was it? And also second show of FF tour in Singapore 2011 on the song Coming Home. 

Unfortunately, I think they play it safe (or lazy??) with the setlist, a setlist to please the masses and casual listeners.
No change from 2012, therefore a lot of the original Maiden England gems like Infinite Dreams, Still Life, even Killers will not be played maybe ever as time is really running out for Maiden's future I guess, especially as its only fair they play as many new songs as possible on the next studio album tour.

** UPDATED 28/5/2013 (evening)
I really really like this fan's video from the Opening Night show. It got all the essence for me. The anticipation and excitment from the beginning of Doctor Doctor to the intro, the stage covers, the lightings and especially the movement of band. Brilliant!! and it will only get better after they improve the "CHOREOGRAPHY"  every night haha.
I cannot get my eyes of Adrian Smith (and Dave). 7:28 AHH!!!
I guess I know where I will try to squeeze my way thru to stand... (as always hahaha).

Moving on,
I do try to read up on fans reaction on the internet on the spat between Jon and Ritchie. I think its more serious than anyone thinks, and the losers are the fans, and they have such wide array of fans from all ages and taste.
For myself, I am worrying because I still havent get my ticket to see them, I mean the 3 left - TT, DB & JBJ. Now that would be a disaster. I guess the tickets are only mailed out in the last minute to reduce chances of reselling and touting.

Anyway I like this photo of them at Norway, I think this is Bergen. Seems like a nice place and what a stage haha. Ooo and I've been checking out their setlists for every show, and it kick ass, no matter what changes they made nightly. Most important seems they play Dry Country each night and it would really made me happy to see them play this song.

Moving further on..., with the possibility of me backpacking to catch Maiden in Europe next week is still on as of now, I did made some plans.
I dont know what to expect at Donington, Download Festival. I just hope all goes well and safe, and I do hope for no rain. That will be a damper especially for me as I am really going to Donington Park blind and alone, I will certainly be lost in a slippery muddy huge field of 80,000 or more? haha.

But I did a timetable based on the timings already released.
Seems this is a festival where you really have to choose what bands you want to see as all stages are clashing with each other.
I was looking forward to see Thunder, but they play around the same time as Motorhead, I find it funny two British bands clashing when I am there to more or less see British bands at their biggest most prestigious rock festival. (Note: when Maiden plays, the second stage is shut down, so maybe its for a dvd and to avoid any sound leakage? hopefully).
Anyway here it is, I made my choice, I guess there will be over a hundred bands on 5 stages on 3 days. But I will gamble on some of these unfamiliar bands, as I think I will have the best time watching them..


UP THE IRONS, no matter how sometimes I think they let down their fans, and no matter how I think sometimes how they and ,Steve Harris especially, made their choice of songs for Maiden England 2012/2013.

For me, still keeping to the Maiden England theme that we all are familiar, and still being as close as possible to their current selection which is a bit similar to SBIT tour, and ensuring enough pop hits played for the casual listeners,
I would go for these

1) Moonchild
2) Can I Play With Madness
3) Prisoner
4) HOLY SMOKE - a short fast number to include a Janick period
5) INFINITE DREAMS - no brainer
6) Tnotb
7) Phantom of the Opera
8) STILL LIFE - take the place of Trooper
9) STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND - take the place of Wasted Years
10) Ssoass
11) Clairvoyant
12) talk about Clive Burr & Run To The Hills
13) Fear Of The Dark
14) Iron Maiden

15) Aces High
16) Evil that men do
17) Running Free

2358hrs, ATSS, Trooper, Wasted Years - Out
the 4 capital letters songs come in.

p.p.s and if they bring Maiden England tour to South East Asia early 2014,
Malaysia & Singapore will have a 2nd encore of Alexander The Great, haha and it will be the best tourism advertisement for both countries ever in the eyes of the world, and best of all its free.


Adi Herman said...

saturday 15 June memang awesome!

Rafi said...

Memang pening la nak tengok band mana..suma best2 pulak tu..tapi IM tetap pilihan utama :)

berteromber said...

Kalau aku...aku pilih untuk tengok Thunder.

dilabangiWORLD said...

wah ni mesti tengah penin nak pilih mana satu erk dep...
Buat lah baling dadu dep

Ijau D. Koceng said...

menteri2 berkaitan dah tukar, harap2 maiden blh masuk m'sia next year...

klu x, "scream for me kallang!" lagilah~