Thursday, September 5, 2013

Death Dealer - War Master

From Kraton's The Nusantara Chronicles to Death Dealer..Some new  cds ripped to 320kbps mp3s  that entertains me when I am walking or  taking public transport etc.

-Death Dealer was founded by guitarist Stu Marshall and singer Sean Pick who reminds me of Rob Halford with his screams. 
-They intend to create a super power of a metal band.
-Steve Harris is the name mentioned in their discussion for the choice of bassist, seems of "who else besides Steve Harris" discussion. I think they should have tried their luck.
-Rhino is chosen as the drummer, 
-and seems they don't have KK Downing's phone number so they called up Ross The Boss instead who immediately agreed to join especially  once he heard Rhino is the drummer.
-Having two ex-Manowar members from different eras, is actually one of the reason I got excited on this band,
 plus its nice to check out Ross The Boss plays heavy metal with another guitarist, sharing guitar duties and having dual solos.
-Anyway, I hope Death Dealer won't mean the end of Ross The Boss band, because I love their two albums and they are more Manowarish than the current Manowar.
Rhino, I kind of like at least one song of Rhino's band featuring Megadeth's Dave Ellefson but seems that band is no more? Babylon AD or something.

Death Dealer - War Master,
The songs are definitely Heavy Metal, sort of a heavy "Painkiller" and "Black Wind Fire and Steel" with touches of thrash, with lots of melody,
great singing and the singer is really terrific with lots of screams.
lots of fast and furious dual guitar solos,
even the bassist Mike Davis got his own bass lead.  

the songs-
-Death Dealer seems is about the Underworld's Vampires and Werewolves battles.
-Never To Kneel is very Manowar singalong style and lyrics, except heavier.
-Warmaster is brutal.
-Children Of Flames slows things down...just for a bit.
-Curse Of The Heretic gets me going everytime.  Reminds me of Rainbow's Kill The King.
Lyrics start with - "Blasphemous witch! drown the heathen!
and ends with a dramatic  - My Lord! "what is it?" The men they're all dead. Damn You! Bring me the witches head!. I was wondering how it would sound if Ronnie James Dio was singing this.
-Hammer Down has a sing along chorus. My least favourite.
-The Devil's Mile - Another fast song I really like. Speed demon. Love the short guitar harmony part.
- The last three songs are more of the same thundering metal...
-Liberty Or Death, Head Spikes Wall and Wraiths On The Wind end the album with more nice heavy metal, I feel re-energized after each listening to this album.

This is the Death Dealer War Master package that I got along with the cd.

-The cd comes in a digipak which includes a booklet with lyrics etc
-A poster
-A A4 size autographed photos of the 5 guys.
-A A4 size artwork. Is this the guy that did Killing The Dragon by Dio?
-Another booklet with stories by each band member on the band and also song by song opinion by each band member, plus stories of this band's beginning and the additional artworks and other stuffs.
-Couple of colourful stickers.
-Picks featuring the two guitarists and bassist.
-A very nice patch of of tthe band's logo. I really like this.

Maybe this band wont be popular, maybe there wont be a continuation, though seems they have 15 songs ready or semi-ready for album number two. I hope to hear album number two by them and some live performances.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

kena cekidaut ni nanti...

Rafi said...

Band member otai2 semuanya..dah memang gerenti best ni

Portdy said...

abang deaf;

harap link ni dapat membantu anda:

Adi Herman said...

Wow! Siap ada patch dgn sticker tu....very nice.

berteromber said...

kalau dulu beli Ross The Boss pasal review kat blog ni...nampaknya Death Dealer pun camgitu jugak la...


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Patut datang dengan CD game sekalinie. Grafic macamtu patut dilayan kat PS3