Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Powerwolf - Bible of the Beast.. (type whie listening to Roy and Fran) haha.

korang pandai ni lagu sapa? "yang jauh asyik teringat...yang dekat tak terpikat" lagi sekali ni posting bingong.

I first know and heard of this German rock band while surfing youtube, checking out newer and not so new European acts playing live.

From a fan-filmed video I found this band exciting, no live bass player (anyway the studio bassist/guitarist plays 2nd guitar live), a very busy and energetic keyboards player and a Romanian classical opera trained singer who knows how to work the crowd.
I remember it was the song "Werewolves of Armenia", the one with the hilarious audience participation.

So it move on from there. This is a band I want to see play life, just a checklist below another most unusual rock band to my liking, Paradise Lost.

Powerwolf is hopefully a tougue-in-cheek (so-called power-metal) band who sings about Romanian/old Soviet Union legends of werewolves, vampires, good and evil demonic thingys, and also lots of religion stuffs, both for and against with lots of irony.
They are so much fun and entertaining musically and lyrically with lots of "Satans/Hallelujah/Amen" being sung in many of their songs.
They sing and chant in both English and Latin.
Lots of melodies, cunning and singalong lyrics and enough time changes for my liking.

I think Bible Of The Beast is my favourite Powerwolf cd?? so lets talk cock about this first.

Dont be alarmed by titles such as "Catholic In The Morning..Satanist At Night", We Take The Church By Storm, St Satans Day etc..

- Unsurpringly, the cd starts with church bells, winds, wolves howling, latin chants.
- Being a bit of a Maiden fan, I cant run away from finding similarities, not that there is anything wrong with this. Panic In The Pentagram is one, with lots of guitar melodies and singalongs. Oh, there is even a six-six-six in there, I think its reference to the cash in the wallet, this is a song about Satanism is no fun.
-Resurrection By Erection, now this has the best chorus ever. "Resurrection.. By Erection.., Hallelujah!!" Song about the Devil and a maiden going wild or something. HAHAHA!!
- Wolves Against The World is the slow song that ends this cd with inspirational values. Ahh, self-reflection time.

thats about it,
to quote the ending of Catholics In The Morning..Satanist At Night "Metal in the morning...Metal in the night.", though the songs that I am listening to now is Francessca Peters and Roy "tak kenal tak cinta" haha. Best giler lagu ni.

Maybe next time I will talk cock about the rest, Blood Of The Saints album has this song Sanctified With Dynamite with this glorious chorus "die! die! dynamite!".
I love this band.


Rafi said...

Tengok band members je dah ganas,lagu mesti gempak giler ni..tq deaf nanti nak cekidaut kat youtube

dilabangiWORLD said...

entry ganaz tapi hati manyak lembut (hehehe) tak ghitu dep

Adi Herman said...

Antara band yang gua perlu "check it out" nanti ni! Perghh dahsyat

berteromber said...

dah try kat youtube...boleh tahan.