Monday, November 18, 2013

REAL deluxe remastered triple disc edition - belinda carlisle

Gambo makanan kasi berenti kejap
Continuing the Belinda Carlisle avalanche that hits me these few months with her live show, plus the  excellent deluxe edition releases of four of her solo albums, and her live dvd and cd Live from Metropolis. 

This is her solo album number five called 'real', originally released late 1993, the deluxe edition triple disc release contains these
- remastered original album, 
- single edit versions, 
- some mixes, 
- the fantastic DEMOS (though her original demo of the song Falling Into You before Celine Dion sung that song and make it famous is still unreleased or maybe lost forever ) 
- some tracks which turned up on her compilation and best of albums, 
- and also some live songs. 
The third disc is a dvd, with her latest interviews regarding this album, and also the promo videos of songs from this album.

- 'real' is raw, back to basic album which reminds me of Iron Maiden similarly going back to basics with No Prayer For The Dying album and tour in 1990,
- 'real' is also maybe the most rocking and heartfelt album among Belinda Carlisle's solo releases. 
- She sounds fantastic as usual and the music is awesome as usual by whoever the musicians she used...
- Belinda co-wrote  six of ten songs on the orignal album, and co-produced some of them with fellow The Go-Go's Charlotte Caffey. 
- Belinda's image is also simple for the cover and inlets of this album.
- All the songs are very good and depending on my mood, any of these ten songs could be my favourite. 
- A memorable album that includes the drums intro ladden Goodbye Day, to  the infectious "we know history" hook in Big Scary Animal to the re-make of The Graces (Charlotte's band) Lay Down Your Arms, the slow Here Comes My Baby, the chorus of Too Much Water, and great songs like Where Love Hides, One With You, Wrap My Arms and Tell Me.
disc one includes all the above plus some single edits and also the Dyme Brothers mixes are included.

next, disc two
- awesome as it contains six of Belinda's demos and this includes Whatcha Doing To Me, Dont Cry and Change. The latter two songs are very nice.
- plus the bonus tracks that appears on one of her greatest hits releases, Feel Like I've Known You Forever, the wonderful A Prayer For Everyone which contains the lines "Every man deserves a chance To bring home a decent pay" - straightforward inspirational words, and also All God's Children. Plus three live version songs of I Feel Weak, Circle In The Sand, and Heaven Is  A Place On Earth.

now, the 3rd disc. the dvd. - a 20 minutes interview with Belinda regarding 'real', the making of, and that era. 
Plus the music videos. The video of Lay Down Your Arms is simply fabulous with that Western silent movie/spaghetti theme.Remember it was made in 1993. I was basically waiting for the Red Indians from the Maiden's "Run To The Hills "video to make a cameo.

 'real' deluxe edition is a very good one for me.


Rafi said...

Falling into you tu kalau belinda yang popularkan dah tentu dia dah boleh sama level dengan diva2 popular US tu..

berteromber said...

album yang ni aku tak tau la...baru try nak cari kat youtube...

dilabangiWORLD said...

Belinda Carlisle - Bonnie et Clyde AKU BARU DENGAR LAGU NI DEP best gak

Adi Herman said...

Seriously aku baru tahu yg belinda adalah penyanyi asal lagu Falling Into the way bro deaf, review ini memang terbaik! Good job bro...betul2 in depth coverage

WanBeruas said...

..Time keja jadi waiter dulu awek waiter tu tiap ari dok ulang2 pasangkan lagu dia nih..Album yang ada lagu Circle In The Sand tu...

deaf-angel said...

hahaaha, hafal la ko album ni