Wednesday, November 6, 2013

motorhead - AFTERSHOCK album (cd+ live donington park dvd double disc edition)

This is my review of the double disc "best buy exclusive" version of Motorhead's Aftershock.
The Best Buy version contains the dvd of Motorhead Live at Donington Park Download Festival 2013 which I was at, thats why I bought this immediately as a form of memory.

Firstly the album Aftershock.

There are a few versions of this new Motorhead album.
There are the normal single cd version, and there is another double disc version which contains the dvd featuring their live performance at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.
So if you want to purchase the cd, do check out the different versions available for your maximum value.

Aftershock has 14 songs of total length 46minutes of " beautiful entertaining adrenaline rushed music that is enjoyable, very loud, speedy, crunchy, roaring, greasy, bluesy, and lyrically cunning" , with the shortest song Death Machine at 2:38minutes and the longest is the wonderfully titled and song Silence When You Speak To Me at 4:30minutes.

My favourite Motorhead album will always be INFERNO. Its just to me Inferno is very traditional heavy metal structured. Maybe its a rubbish point of view, but thats just how I feel personally.

Aftershock is more of the same Motorhead. Beautiful loud noisy every musical instrument is louder than everything else music, with Lemmy dirty, husky throaty voice and his prominent Rickenbacker bass, great guitars and solos by Philip Campbell and Mikkey "Lemmy introduced him as the best drummer in the world at Donington Park" Dee.

The album starts with two stormy songs Heartbreaker and Coup De Grace, then slows down for the outstanding blues song Lost Woman Blues which speed up near the end. The other time the album slows down is for the moody and bitter-sweet Dust And Glass.
Most of the other times its always fast and furious, or at least rowdy and furious haha. Songs like Do You Believe,  End Of Time, Going To Mexico,  and the awesome ending song Paralyzed. But a check on the lyrics sheet, and you realised Lemmy really has a way with words and lyrics. He is very intelligent I guess, and it seems he did the drawings for the inlets, not the cover though.




OK NOW, the DVD.

The (INCOMPLETE ONLY FIVE SONGS) Live in Donington Park Download Festival 2013 DVD which accompanies this Aftershock album. Which I remember well is 15th of June, it was a Saturday.
Motorhead was scheduled in the late afternoon, Main Stage. The weather was very kind when they were on stage.
They were in queue together with Alice In Chains, and then Queens Of the Stone Age, before Iron Maiden headline at night.
I remember it was kind of miserable for me as there was a very huge clash of timetable (at least for me),
as Motorhead was playing Main Stage, another wonderful British rock band that I really want to see play THUNDER, was at stage two at around the same time. Miserable clash.
-As from the youtubes or this dvd, you can see still quite a large number of the about 100,000 crowd were at main stage to see Motorhead plays.
-I really love Phil Campbell's stage presence and movements. Love how he walk right to the very ends of the huge main stage.

-Phil "Philty Animal" Taylor, the ex Motorhead drummer was introduced and welcomed on stage on that day. Though he seems a bit disorientated, yet he still gave Lemmy a kick on the backside haha.
-They did play "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch" and I am so happy as its my favourite song.
-I got my handphone camera on video mode ready when Motorhead appeared on stage, because I want to record the video of Lemmy saying those immortal lines "We Are Motorhead, and We Play Rock N Roll!".
-Being in the ass of the world, as far as heavy rock is concerned, Motorhead has still not play this region yet, but thats life.


So the dvd has five songs, not the full show Motorhead did that day.
I kind of realised there was sporadic small mosh pits being created all over the huge crowd during Motorhead's performance when I watch this dvd.
Its my first time there at the legendary Donington Park, so its like safety first for me, and just enjoy the shows from different bands at different stages safely.

These were two short videos I took during Motorhead, quick one minute videos for my own memories..

firstly of Motorhead appearing on stage and Lemmy saying those immortal lines and of course the throwing of beers at each other starts.
and one of the small mosh pits that happens, this one was during Ace Of Spade. IT WAS MUDDY!!! hahaha.

I think Donington Park is a very nice place to see your favourite rock bands at these festivals among 80-100,000 fellow minded music fans, if you can forgive the cold English Rain and Weather, and the miserable horrible muddy fields haha. I went alone, and its all quite easy, with the transports and such.
And everyone is so nice and courteous.
I think its an experience I want to re-live, if Iron Maiden headline there one more time before they shut down the band for good. Anyway, Kerrang did say Maiden is Donington's house band.

if you see it well,
the lightning rigs for Iron Maiden is all in place the icy blue Maiden England theme coat.


Rafi said...

Dah brapa kali pegi rock corner n pertama tak jumpa lagi album ni..ramai jugak yang komen kat fb cakap Aftershock ni best..
Dapat tengok motorhead depan mata memang best la..

berteromber said...

tak berapa arif pasal Motorhead...tak pandai nak komen....hahaha...


aku pun tak berapa arif jugak. tapi pasal dia jadi opening band buat Triple H, best diaorang main live. Kalau dapat ada buat showcase kat mana-man kat malaysia, patut pergila.

WanBeruas said...

Kalu print atas t shirt puteh cantik sangat nihh...

gayour said...

phil campbell tak pernah nak amik tahu dan belajo pasal gitar sangat. dia hanya amik gitar, cucuk dan main sebising yang boleh!
atitude rock n roll yang gua suka.

pakcik lemmy bernafaskan rock n roll, pasal tu beliau kata ..."We Are Motorhead, and We Play Rock N Roll!".


Zuraidah Butang said...

hei..mmg suke iron maiden tak minat pun...haha. tak sakit telinga ke..hehe. other than that sy suka jugak blog awak. very humble and very down to earth. sila post lagik byk2 experience travel..and travel ngan wife ek. we traveler must stick together :P