Friday, February 11, 2011

I dont want to know!! lalalalala ( sambil tutup telinga )

This is quite a long post, a bit of Malay first.

Mulai lebih kurang 4 atau 5 jam dari skarang, Masuk je midnite Hari sabtu ( Moscow kul 7 malam gitu kot? ), sampai hari selasa ni, banyak website dalam internet aku takkan pergi.
- Aku tak mau tahu apa jadi kat Moscow, Russia
- Aku tak mau tahu apa lagu dimainkan
- Aku tak mau tahu cammana bentuk dan rekaan pentas, prop dan cahaya lampu pentas
- Aku tak mau tahu apa baju dan pakaian dorang pakai.
Tak Mau Tak Mau Tak Mau.

Pasal aku nak rasa thrill dia. Aku nak surprise!!, surprisee!! surprise!!
sepanjang 100 minit pada hari Selasa ni.
Mungkin pun dengar intro satu lagu tu aku akan mengeluh " lagu ni dorang bawak?!!, takde lagu lain ke!!!" . ( Ini akan terjadi kalo Wildest Dream ada haha ).

Ok, Firstly check out the damage on Ed Force One nose. Something must have happened.
ooo Love the photos of Ed Force One in Moscow Airport at night,
and also all these fans, lucky fans who travelled from all over the world and meet Janick in Moscow Red Square.
Background song in my mind now " MOTHER RUSSIA " hehe.

Roughly a few hours more after this blog is posted, late night Friday onwards , I will stop going to some websites, as I am trying my best not to know what is happening on the first gig in Moscow.

If all goes to plan, we are going for the second show of this tour, so I think I can managed to keep myself in a well and be blissfully unaware of the setlist , the stage designs, props, lightings and what Maiden is wearing this time around.
I want to be delightfully surprised song after song, and of course I am ready for a short sigh if I hear the Wildest Dream intro haha. I really dont know why I got a compatibility problem with this song.

Just for some fun, I give myself some headache, going around the possibilities and whats been said and whats been done..
So I think this is the setlist

Intros :
Doctor Doctor
Satellite 15
-The Final Frontier
-El Dorado
-Ghost Of The Navigator
-The Trooper
-(Welcome Speech and) Coming Home
-The Number Of The Beast
-Two Minutes To Midnite or Wasted Years or Where Eagles Dare
-These Colors Don't Run
-(Dedications and) Blood Brothers
-Run To The Hills
-Fear Of The Dark
-Iron Maiden

-(Band Introductions and) Where The Wild Wind Blows
-Hallowed Be Thy Name
-Running Free

I would be happy if above is the setlist, I think asking for Starblind, Isles Of Avalon, Paschendale, Dance of Death and For The Greater Good Of God is too much.

Also have you all seen this facebook screen?

"Steve's" is the funniest.

Another thing, the first 55 copies of the new fan written book on Steve Harris is sold out.

Thats about it, I know some of you guys will be following the twitter of those inside the Moscow Olympic Hall, describing what is happening song by song.

Up The Irons and hopefully I can make it next Tuesday haha.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

klu terbuka dan terbaca blog org lain yg tajuknya xsama dgn isi?

deaf-angel said...

possible tu haha

aku HIV positif said...

untung la sape2 yg dpt pegi nanti... ;(
(sambil tutup telinga tapi bukak mata, haha)

berteromber said...

jaga2...ko jgn masuk blog aku besok...hahaha...