Monday, February 7, 2011

Next Week

A beauty, just a bit boring because of the same old Yellow Blue Lettering,
I'm not surprised if they use a spare from 2008 plane.
Other than that, all is ok, although I prefer the "rumoured" dark blue color body.

The cross keys Eddie will really look nice on the engines of the plane once its fully covered up.
The name of the cities looks nice, I think its worth getting the model of the new plane if it comes out for sale , ( and also if I can afford it, ) just because of 'Singapore' is in it and of course a few places that I hope to backpack to see them also.

As you can see the names of the cities on the old plane model is sharp enough to be seen.

The saying goes failing to plan is planning to fail.. but at the same time another saying goes We can only plan and prepare but God decides. (kita mampu merancang, hanya Tuhan menentukan ). So lets see how it goes.

February is a super busy month
1) Maiden in Singapore, to ensure everyone got a Maiden Tshirt for that night and not still in the laundry.
2) Rumah Spore ada hdb internal upgrading..
3) Backpacking trip to Australia on purpose to coincide with Maiden playing at Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.
4) Abstaining from surfing any rock music related website from 12th onwards to ensure I dont know the Moscow Setlist/ how the stage looks/ what stage clothes they are wearing.

Again, we see how it goes. Most important is I have put in much effort since some time back for all of the above.

I got a new tshirt, not going to wear it for the Singapore show though.
I always like Maiden designs in white T, such as the fanclub 2008 design.
This is made by a Maiden fan, and I got one from him the other day.
He can contacted thru
the design on top and also the Gong Xi Fa Cai Eddie Rabbit are also done by him, and I congkong it for use here.

Aku tak tahu untuk korang, tapi untuk aku, aku kalau boleh tak mau tahu setlist Maiden main kat Moscow untuk 11hb ni, pasal aku rasa berbanding ngan peminat2 lain satu dunia kita beruntung di mana kita dalam situasi kita boleh tak tahu apa lagu2 dorang main.
Maiden ni jangan harap la dorang nak tukar2 setlist tiap2 malam,
jadi bila show ni sampai kat tempat2 lain bulan depan dan seterusnye, peminat2 satu dunia dah tahu apa lagu dorang nak bawak..
Tapi kita..tak. pasal kita show kedua.

Thrill beb, pasal aku pernah untuk Somewhere Back In Time 2008, aku langsung tak masuk internet nye rock websites pasal aku tahu show aku pergi tu jam ialah show kedua selepas Mumbai India.
Jadi memang thrill, abis satu lagu, aku tak tahu lagu apa seterusnye...
Dan happy, pasal aku teka Moonchild , Clairvoyant, HBTN ialah encore dan betul.

Kelakarnye, bila Maiden keluar encore, aku tengok gitar tong kat Dave Murray nye posisi, aku pikir, sial la lagu apa ni dorang nak main ada gitar tong.
Pasal, tu la pertama kali Maiden main Moonchild ngan intro sekali,
Dulu 1988 dorang akan guna intro tape, jadi memang happiness betul aku bila dorang start lagu ni..


berteromber said...

aku cuma ada selai jer tshirt maiden...nampaknya memang tshirt tu la yg akan ke Spore minggu depan...

JAIRO said...

harap kita dpt bertemu di singapura~~~

Ijau D. Koceng said...

dgr2 the trooper xde dlm setlist :(

dilaOHdila said...

wah dep...
aku bangga sbb hang ada Kapal sebsor alam ni ngan Branding iron maiden
hang sorang jar ada ni....hehehe

WanBeruas said...

..teruja amattt..!!!