Tuesday, May 8, 2012

black empire,ebayism,megadeth yokohama 95

One thing I hate about some Japanese only releases is how rare and expensive they become within a few years. Zero knowledge of Japanese and surfing Japanese websites with alien words makes it worse.

I am still searching for Anthem Black Empire. Super difficult. I really dont know where to find this bloody cd. My fault I guess for not getting it much earlier, if life is that easy haha.

So, if anyone find an original Anthem Black Empire, please tell me.

So I got some free time and I run thru various ebays ( as if I understand bloody German haha ) to find some of these Japanese stuffs which I love, and look what I found..

Super Rock Summit live version, which I had mentioned in this blog a few years ago can go crazy up to this price.
I dont know what the seller is thinking..
Anyway its a great cd to have and lucky I got a cd of it many years back when it was still new in the market. Though I am still searching for the full show.

Second thing, Been going thru some bootlegs, and what I usually do is I will listen it back to back with the album on which the tour for that specific show is based on... I love it like that. To hear both versions.

Megadeth Youthanasia ( with this nice EMI black cover jacket so you wont see the censored baby hanging on washing line picture and there is also another version with the socially accepted of Vic on the cover with the baby with the Hidden Treasures as the 2nd cd , those were memorable days when I really listen to Megadeth.
After seeing them live few years back, I start of drift away and not really into their newer music anymore, I guess its just me, I am sure they keep making exciting music :-)
but I hope they do come back, and I'll be there again haha. )
ok, and this is a very nice audience recording Psychodale of a 'Yokohamamama'(which bandmember is that who say this on this bootleg ) Japanese show with Dave speaking in Japanese and all that.

Some things about this bootleg was the first time Crown Of Worms played live.
Dave was saying Countdown To Extinction was one of his favourite albums on this show, and its funny as I count and I hope I get it right but its a Youthanasia tour yet represented by FOUR while CTE was SEVEN ( if you includes Crown Of Worm ). Very nice very nice bootleg for anyone who enjoys Megadeth during that period.


faizal abd fathi said...

anthem-black empire??? layan album tu... saya download aje..kes tak ada album di malaysia dan tak ada kad berwang (kad kredit)

♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

salam dep...
dah lama x singgah sini
wah hang masih lagi hebat ngan koleksi2 yang tak luput dek zaman. teruskan beb!

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Zaman-zaman Youthanasia ni kaset EMI berkualiti tinggi. Inlay pun kertas berkilat tambah pulak kena censor dengan kotak hitam. Unik!

berteromber said...

bukan takat Anthem...tapi Earthshaker, Vow Wow, X Japan semua reganya memang tak mampu untuk golongan macam aku nak beli...

faizal abd fathi said...

kita senasib...minat band jepun tapi album tak ada di malaysia...apapun aku dah ada koleksi earthshaker versi mp3...