Friday, May 11, 2012

overdiose ( with photos )

ok now better with photos.
Two nice Craig Goldy albums.

'overdose on dio' dua tiga hari ni, masa berjalan kaki, dalam train, dalam bas.
Aku rip kat mp3 player aku dream evil, magica dan dua2 live recordings untuk tour dua2 albums ni..

Dream Evil is my favourite Dio album. I think its the best Dio studio album ever. Maybe Last In Line is second. In fact Lock Up The Wolves, Kiling The Dragon, even Magica is great too. Yes yes, I know even Sacred Heart bla bla bla bla etc et.
Holy Diver? Well.... for me Holy Diver album is fantastic, unfortunately, some other Dio albums have so much more awesome songs.

I was wondering if in fact Jimmy Bain would say what he say about Ronnie James Dio if Dio was alive still. Vivian Campbell, I guess got a long personal history with Dio so I think people wont be surprised about his statements so much anymore.
Anyway, when people is dead, they cannot answer any accusations or bad things said about them.

In fact as a fan, I am really want to know about the Norwegians + Rowan Robertson Lock Up The Wolves era band. This is what I am searching for.
And of course we already have Dio Disciples.
But the Vivian Campbell band would be definitely interesting to hear once its live.

I really hope Dream Evil will come out with a deluxe packaging that had been released just like the first three Dio albums with Vivian Campbell. I hope it has the full lyrics too.
Easily has some of the best Dio songs that not many people know I guess like Sunset Superman, Naked In The Rain and the super duper awesomeness Faces In The Window ( We are evil and devine, the creation of the mind ). Rest of the songs are very nice too, Night People, All The Fools Sailed Away, even Overlove and When A Woman Cries etc etc. I was wondering even I Could Have Been A Dreamer was not played live even if its a single and the lyrics is printed on Hit Parader.

As a school boy, I was literally thinking Naked In The Rain, is like being really naked in the rain :-)

An example of a live show of that era is on this nice Tokyo Japan show on 4th October 1987. They even played STARS. Naked wooo In The Rain woooo, plus all the great songs from this era and with lots of intricate and unusual live twist and turns of songs we all know so well from Ronnie era Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio period itself.

Now Magica,

Nice packaging of the first release because it comes with the story itself, which is read for about 18 minutes by Ronnie Dio himself.
Now the songs, Fever Dream is like very nice, Turn To Stone and Feed My Head is awesome but the one song that is the for me one of the best songs by Ronnie Dio ever - As Long As Its Not About Love, so beautiful song and sad, as beautiful and sad as Rainbow Eyes.

The live example of this album is another Japanese show but in Osaka 22nd June 2000.
Check out the songs played. As Long As Its Not About Love is actually played live, and look out!! One Night In The City is there too. Next time I overdose on Dio, with Last In Line, then I will heap praises on this song haha.

I really wish I had seen Ronnie live with his own band too, so I can see him with Rainbow and Dio songs. But nevermind, like I say, seeing/hearing Ronnie singing live with Black Sabbath or Heaven and Hell or whatever you want to call it is unforgettable.
Fuck, I got to search back for the recording of that show that night, Falling On The Edge Of World is my favourite live moment then and I still remember it well.

So, like I say Overdiose.


berteromber said...

16hb ni genap 2 tahun dah Dio takder ek....

WanBeruas said...

..aku regret sangat bila Vivian tinggalkan Dio..pulak masuk band Def Leppard tu...rasa rugi dengan talent yang dia ada...