Tuesday, May 22, 2012

bootleg May 19/05/2012 & review Iron Maiden FC magazine 92

TWO PARTS, First part is MAY bootleg for any May fans interested, and then Iron MAYden latest fc mag. hohoho.

pt 1, untuk peminat2 kumpulan May,
REVIEW aku yang ntah apa2 ntah, ada kat blog post sebelum ni..

saje je aku godey2 kejap dan dapat cammgini..
ada silap jugak tu aku baru perasan, malas nak betulkan.



Aku suka la dua2 depan dan belakang covers..... memang, aku syok sendiri masuk bakul angkat sendiri biarkan ku sendiri...

Bootleg is here.

pt 2, the iron maiden fan club magazine 92 has arrived.
40 pages. I think this issue is less thicker, and I do really wish for more reading material but its alrite still.

The cover, I think I posted the photo of it about few blogs past.

Anyone reading rock news on the internet would read about the death of Kerry King Slayer guitar tech Armand Crump and how the rock world has so many tributes to him from huge and famous names of many bands,
I am not aware he is a huge Maiden fan, even a fan club member, and the Maiden crew has great things to say about him..

You have the person who does the live video recording, directing and editing that we see during each Maiden live show at the huge jumbo screens. Very informative.
The documentary that comes with the En Vivo dvd really shows the jobs of the crew really well.

You have this Bruce Air Flight 666 Simulator reviews and experiences. How I wish I can go for this. The write ups is so interesting for a person like me who have no idea of being in a plane cockpit, especially as its Bruce Dickinson who is the pilot instructor. Must be like in a movie or a documentary like that.

Also the Primal Rock Rebellion got a SIX pages interviews and nice photos...

Also the flashback thingy to some old fan club magazines, and really love the short review of Powerslave when it first came out in 1985, from the fan club magazine itself.

The new tshirts are nice, but...not nice when it comes to taking out the wallet. So... SKIP!, as in SKIP PY DOO BE DOO.

Back cover Sooty with Nicko, or is it Nicko with Sooty.

thats about it... Have a happy month of MAY with MAY and MAYDEN.

some photos from this issue 92. and the centerpage of Adrian Smith is very pretty.


aku HIV positif said...

singgah baca info melepas gian dulu2...
lama tak berkesempatan jengok bro... :)

iaryylr said...

singgah tengok May di Kota Singa

Ijau D. Koceng said...

smith + goldtop = good combi

berteromber said...

Thanks for the MAYDEN!!!

♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

hi dep...
banyak koleksi ang no

aku dah tukaq blog

Portdy said...

abang depp, gamabar yang kat atas sekali gaya dulu dan sekarang tu daripada poster eh? kreatif dan terbaek, funny but yet cool!

deaf said...

portdy dari buku boxset 25th dorang..

¤(`×[¤MyA¤]×´)¤ said...

sungguh gilakan IM la kau ni bro! syabas!

psst: pasal komik kucing tu..taun bile? kite tau pon simon's cat je :)) ahahahahah