Friday, June 29, 2012

one nil to the nil to the nil..

Dua benda paling best pernah datang dari London England.
1. Iron Maiden
2. Arsenal

( and come to think of it, both are Red and White ).

- Aku tak dengar band lain takpe, tak tengok band lain takpe, tapi untuk Iron Maiden aku akan cuba yang terbaik aku termampu dan sanggup lakukan.

- Aku tak tengok team bola lain main takpe, takde news team lain takpe. Tapi berita Arsenal aku akan scrutinize, dan jugak dalam favourites list aku akan lawat kat internet ada nak kat 20 websites Arsenal Fans blogs dan discussion forums dan best baca tulisan peminat2 Arsenal terutama mereka yang memang pergi tengok games.

Aku kat rumah takde Astro, takde Starhub, takde MIO TV. Tapi....aku subscribe Arsenal Online.

So Arsenal is coming down to Bukit Jalil Stadium Kuala Lumpur Malaysia again.
I am not sure if we can make it,

but this is how the tickets and training passes looks like. Timing for the training is unsure yet it seems due to the Fasting Month. Arsenal will play Malaysia XI on 24 July 2012 and the training pass is for 23 July 2012.

And...this is the Manchester City Training Pass for the Malaysian 2012 Tour on 29 July 2012 ( waktu belum tahu pasal bulan Puasa ), and a look at how the tickets for the Manchester City vs Malaysia XI on 30 July 2012 looks like.
It would be ""nice"" to see all the Arsenal Ex Players whether they are still players or just team officials.

And to think NA$RI received the loudest applause from about 40,000 Arsenal fans last year. YES, the loudest cheers was all for him the whole night and yes unlike other teams like Man Utd or whatever, the stadium is not fill up to capacity.


faizal abd fathi said...

alamak.....Gunners!!!! YNWA....larikkkkkk

dilabangiWORLD said...

demam bola
bdk2opis aku mengantuk je semua
lebeh2 lagi yang lelaki.....

iaryylr said...


I am a football passes collector and i have a lot of iron maiden picture discs available, if interested in a trade for football passes let me know.

deaf-angel said...

I will remember your message. Thanks.