Friday, June 8, 2012

seventh tour of seventh tour black cover program and Machester City visit

amacam? tempat keja aku budak2 kecoh pasal euro2012. ( boleh? budak2 padahal muaahhahaa ).
Aku mana la ada cable tv, baik astro , mio, starhub. gigit jari je la.
aku lagi tanya cenel 5 ke, rtm ke tv3 ke ada live tak.
Anyway, as long its not about Arsenal I dont really give a fuck and Up The Irons.
Anyway, aku rasa aku belum share pasal ni buku program dari tahun 1988 kot. kalo dah sorry la, aku koleksi huru hara tak teratur pun, mana terjumpa tu la aku borak.

Maiden England history tour is starting very soon..
I was impress by the amounts of Van Halen bootlegs going around for their current DLR fronted US tour and hope Maiden will have even more superior numbers and quality.

27 & 28 of November 1988 on the above dates is the actual Maiden England that we have and very soon North America will get their taste of the action and hopefully we all here in South East Asia will have it next year.

Anyway this is the cover, Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour program or programme book got two seperate covers , a blue and a black and the black is for the end of the year UK tour.

In all of Maiden history, I am very most interested in 1988 and especially the events of Donington Monsters Of Rock, its a place I have read as a school boy first fascinated by Rainbow and Scorpions and RIOT and to some extend Saxon on a bootleg cassette tape of the very first Donington Monsters of Rock.

With 1988, with all the 103,000 people and listening to Nicko McBrain describe it on the last cd of First Ten Years, collecting old 1988 magazines about that event,

the two deaths and also injuries that happen during Guns N Roses earlier in the day..

I was searching for all the bootlegs of that 1988 Monsters of Rock Castle Donington event, I really like Helloween who then previewed some songs from Keepers Part II, and Megadeth of that period and especially the GNR set.
Maybe next time I put it all on this blog, but I think some magazines of that period and that event I had already shared here.

It was all hidden away from Maiden, and only informed to them after their headlining show. And it would be nice to know about the behind the scenes of Maiden visiting their fans in hospital and all that.

My wildest dream is to backpack see Maiden headlining Donington Park, and I think 2013 they will play there, but....its just a wildest dream cause its bloody fucking expensive and I dont think its possible.

Imagine...this white frozen ice stage set is used for Iron Maiden England Live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Singapore next year 2013, with all the pyrotechnics explosions.. which Maiden decide not to use for last years Final Frontier Tour, not only in Singapore but elsewhere.
It will be a mega jumbo king of awesomeness enjoyment.

I really like this photo of Adrian turning around during Heaven Can Wait.

Steve Harris Blue bass. Ohhhh , I think I am going to see Manchester Shitty game at Bukit Jalil. On the house request, to see how Kompany movements are in real life hoho. Ok la I have nothing again Kompany haha.
Never will I support Malaysia team more louder than for this match.
But I will JEALOUSLY and quietly marvel at this dream machine of Manchester City team, but I will I will definitely reserve some good boos and jeers for Na$ri haha. $*%& Nasri indeed. Of course I have to censor the worst parts la.

I think Nicko McBrain will use an all white drum set up to match with the frozen snow and ice and it will be so fancy and beautiful.

All time favourite hehe
Mr Dave Fuckin Murray. I got to get that tshirt or maybe print it myself.


Bruce Dickinson - " I'm not a numberrr... "
Adrian Smith - " I'M A FREE MAN!! "..

super live rendition of Prisoner , ever!! from the bside of Clairvoyant single.


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aku suke sgt rambut andrian smith time ni,mcm rambut shawn michael masa muda2...memang ngam sgt dia trim ramut mcm tu kena dengan muke dia...

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