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The Kings Of The Twilight Zone - The book and the triple cd

The early to late nineties was a great period for fans who wanted more and resort to collecting unofficial releases due to the number of properly packaged factory pressed live bootlegs and special releases with fancy packagings.
Nowadays once in a while these items will pop up on the internet, but
a)its either too expensive.
b)or its a pirated copy of an already unofficial release.
So its no more fun.

This is a very nice triple cd unofficial release that comes with a 24 full color pages of info and photos.
Its seldom Maiden bootlegs come with books.

I will show each page and why I like this release so especially then, when internet was still the dial-up crawling speed and its hard to get anything especially being a Maiden fan in some flung ass of the world.
- The Cambridge Spaceward Studios Demos of 1978.
- the spectacular Bruce Audition Tapes 1981 to get the Maiden job.
- Rehearsals and Demos including Stairway To Heaven
- Bootlegs of interesting live performances up to 1993 including Tush, "Freunde Schones Gotterfunken" and Bruce giving a rousing speech about Frank Herbert writer of science fiction book Dune which ends with Frank Herbert is an arsehole. Also Bruce talks about East and West Germany and Berlin and the border.
- the delightful " I dont know who did this but its a nice mix " Demo Extended Version of Caught Somewhere In Time of 12min 42sec which I tell you I think fool at least a few people back in those days, and I thought this extended version really exist with new undiscovered things, until I got this boxset and I realise but those were the days where things in life is so different ha. It was very fun indeed then exploring Maiden more in depth.

Maiden-World has the details of each track typed, so I just copy from there this following info as I am lazy to type again.
CD 1 Cambridge Spaceward Studios Demo (30-Dec-78)
1. Iron Maiden (3:37) 2. Invasion (2:52) 3. Prowler (3:59) 4. Strange World (4:58) 5. Running Free (2:57) 6. Transylvania (3:51)
Metal For Muthas (24-Oct-79)
7. Wrathchild (3:01)
Top Of The Pops (1980)
8. I've Got The Fire (2:45) 9. Women In Uniform (3:06)
Studio Demo (1980)
10. Sanctuary (4:07)
Bremen Beat Club, Germany (29-Apr-81)
11. Innocent Exile (3:52)
Bruce Audition Tape (Oct-81)
12. Twilight Zone (2:30) 13. Wrathchild (2:53) 14. Killers (5:01)
Rehearsal (Oct-81)
15. Stairway To Heaven (1:49)
Hammersmith, London (20-Mar-82)
16. Murders In The Rue Morgue (3:18) 17. Children Of The Damned (4:31) 18. Total Eclipse (3:54) 19. The Prisoner (4:56)
UIC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois (30-Sept-83)
20. To Tame A Land (9:05)
Total Time: 77:11
CD 2 Espace Ballard, Paris, France (17-Nov-83)
1. Tush (ZZ Top) (4:18)
Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany (17-Dec-83)
2. The Trooper (4:12) 3. Revelations (6:19) 4. Run To The Hills (4:31)
Studio Demo (1984)
5. Flash Of The Blade (4:02)
Ex-Caserma Ravelli, Arma Di Taggia, Italy (20-Aug-84)
6. Aces High (5:00) 7. 2 Minutes To Midnight (5:54) 8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (13:43) 9. Powerslave (6:57)
Maroszowy Sp., Katowice, Poland (14-Aug-84)
10. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7:25)
Demo (Extended version, 1986)
11. Caught Somewhere In Time (12:42)
Total Time: 75:08
CD 3 Monsters of Rock, Donington, U.K. (20-Aug-88)
1. Moonchild (5:39)
Stuttgart Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany (4-Dec-90)
2. The Assassin (4:08) 3. No Prayer For The Dying (5:30) 4. Sanctuary (incl. "Freunde Schones Gotterfunken") (5:22)
Brabanth., Den Bosch, Holland (2-Sep-92)
5. Can I Play With Madness (3:37) 6. Fear Of The Dark (6:57) 7. The Clairvoyant (4:22) 8. Heaven Can Wait (7:01)
Stadth., Bremen, Germany (16-Apr-93)
9. Be Quick Or Be Dead (4:21) 10. The Number Of The Beast (4:49) 11. Remember Tomorrow (6:30) 12. Where Eagles Dare (4:34) 13. From Here To Eternity (3:50) 14. Wasting Love (5:50)
Palasport, Padova, Italy (29-Oct-81)
15. Purgatory (3:29)
Total Time: 76:06

Love the back photo of Blaze Bailey then with Wolfsbane with Iron Maiden in 1990 when Wolfsbane was opening for Maiden. Who would have known three years later...


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