Monday, June 11, 2012

Megadeth returns etc etc etc etc

Few things..firstly,

Megadeth is back again in South East Asia.. at last.
I am not up to date on their latest music. So it would mean some exploration on the internet haha. But the song 13 is slow and nice. I just dont have the motivation to really listen to the rest, just some browsing thru when their new cd comes out last year.

Megadeth Singapore 2007 United Abominations Tour 26th October 2007 was very interesting cause its the first time I saw them live so I dont know what to expect.
Its just that they were very good but Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell the following night were just so superior to me that the memory of that few days belong to Ronnie Dio, Toni Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinnie Appice.

I got to search back the bootleg I taped for that show. I dont where I put all the old tapes. Maybe I throw away everything...

The Megadeth Singapore Setlist for 2007 was this plus She Wolf which was a surprise and of course Mechanix was inside Holy Wars ...

oo some memories from that night from my old blogs. I think I got a bad memory, so its good I have a blog haha.

"Good Evening, alrite it is such a priviledge to finally be here playing for you tonite.
When we're flying in this morning I was looking out the window of the airplane, and I was looking at the ground and I was looking at the buildings, I was looking at everything here and I thought fuck this is a beautiful country.
You know Megadeth is one of those bands that will play anywhere so if the promoters will bring us there and we've played some places that are pretty much disaster areas.
Coming in to town today, I want to tell you something, I feel like I am right at home.
I do want to say one thing before we go any further, for those of you that have heard we're going to cancel because of the fires thats in California, in San Diego. The fire's thats in San Diego, my home, James's father home, is in San Diego. The fires are ok and as you can tell with me standing here in front of you, we did not cancel.
And one thing you got to know about me, and about Megadeth, is its going to take more than my house burning to the ground, to ever cancel for you..."

" Man, I wish for one second that you can standhere with me and see how beautiful you look.
And I want to tell you something, so far since we left United States and came over here, we played Thailand and Indonesia, and we did not play She Wolf for them so you got an extra song. And I was talking to the boys backstage and I said - you know what, I got a feeling this could be one of those nights and we probably will play some extra songs tonight, ( cue - mega cheers from the audience ) ......... and of course they say no. ( cue - mega depression from the same audience LOL! )

I'm just kidding, so I dont want to fuck around anymore, I dont talk a lot in concert because I dont think you pay to comr here for this concert and listen to me talk. I think musicians who stand up here and waste your time by talking are fucking losers. So we're going to play as much as we can right now. We got about six more songs and then its off to the hospital "

DM - "I have a really really silly question to ask you - did any of you ever seen Megadeth before?

DM - Where?

Audience - You Tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

So Megadeth Singapore 2012 would be a nice welcome return. And this time Dave Ellefson is back so its nice to see him in action in the songs that originally feature him and especially peace sells.., and the new guitarist Chris Broderick, so it would be a thriller to see Hangar 18 solos if I go. If I dont go...then too bad not thrill at all haha.

oo and check this out.. Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherihan and Billy Sheehan and Toni MacAlpine in Singapore.
So whats its going to be like...? I am sure some Dream Theater / Mr Big songs and MacAlpine instrumentals will be played.

OK the second part of the M.

I was searching some bootlegs for the Metallica current tour where they play the whole Black Album.
I am so liking it. The Rock Am Ring bootleg was absolute beautiful.
So I was wondering...why I really like the whole Black Album live. I guess because its been very long since I hear the Black Album..since the cassette tape first come out I guess in 1991? or something like that.
Or maybe when live the songs are so much better. Or maybe the whole setlist for Rock Am Ring was the first five albums? hohohoho.
Anyway, for the first time in a very long time I am so excited for Metallica.
The Orion Festival will be so anticipated for the first bootlegs to come out.
The Whole Ride The Lightning album. wooohooo.

Sigh. I hope to get the complete Metallica XXX all four nights soon.


Mohd Hanif said...

Metallica XXX tu aku ada complete mp3 dia, if that's what you mean la.vid xde.


berteromber said...

bulan puasa???

terlepas lagi la peluang aku nak nengok Megadeth live...

iaryylr said...

wah banyak artis antarabangsa buat show di Singpore ya :)

deaf-angel said...

Mohd Haniff

Can I have your email?

Ko pun collect bootlegs eh.

Mohd Hanif said...

Deaf, ko penah email aku dulu, aku yg mintak lagu manusia oh manusia tu. bootleg tak collect sgt, tp sound quality XXX and other metclub live releases mmg tiptop. aku boleh emailkan tp sikit2 la ye, sbb dia besar, 320 kbps. ko nak which night first?

Mohd Hanif said...

p/s baru2 ni aku ada email ko psl Karisma tu, tak sure ko dpt/bc x

deaf said...

oh my oh my oh my
ko ada metlive releases ye...

oh my oh my oh my


nanti aku email k

Mohd Hanif said...

eh tak2!aku cuma ada XXX tu je. haha sorry to burst your balloon.

Mohd Hanif said...

nanti check email for rapidshare links