Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cozy Powell Forever ( produced by Munetaka Higuchi )

Mati. Bila Munetaka Higuchi (Loudness) yang buat tribute album ni untuk Cozy Powell yang meninggal pun SAMA jugak dah takde lagik, aku sebagai peminat muzik dorang seluruh hidup aku lagi sekali diingatkan yang sooner or later....tapi later tu pun, kejap je pun datang.
Dan dorang dua pun bukan tua sangat la jugak ye tak?, kira masih elegantly rocking lagik, tapi dah ajal , satu eksiden terbabas, satu cancer liver. But thats life.

Can anyone do a translation of what this handsome Munetaka Higuchi is saying? hoho.

OK, another superb Japanese tribute to Cozy Powell this time by the late Munetaka Higuchi and join by a super line up of Akira Takasaki, Minoru Nihara,
and members from other bands such as the Earthshaker guitarist etc etc plus one or two non-Japanese like Carmine Appice the brother of Vinnie Appiece drummer of Black Sabbath/Dio etc etc.
Reminds me of another tribute to Rainbow by Niji Densetsu ( and I still fail to know what NIJI DENSETSU really means ) which features some non-Japanese i.e Joe Lynn Turner.

This tribute cd possibly could be the trigger for the original Loudness that we all love to get back together for Spritual Canoe album back in 2000.

Similarity to Rest In Peace tribute which is more to Anthem guys, this cd has songs from various Cozy Powell drumming contributions like Rainbow ( of course ),
Michael Schenker Group with Armed And Ready, some Jeff Beck and Gary Moore, Whitesnake and his own drum instrumentals, an example is sure to have Tchaikovsky Overture 1812 but this one has complete bells all over. Plus Emerson Lake and Powell.

What I really like about this cd.
- Tchaikovsky Overture 1812 complete with all the bells being rung. Majestic and magical.
- Munetaka Higuchi+Minoru Nihara+Akira Takasaki plays Stargazer and Jeff Beck Ice Cream Cakes together. Stargazer is complete version with all the " my eyes are bleeding my heart is leaving here i wish ... " infinity never ends ending. Dio! Dio! Dio! Dio!...
Stargazer Studio version by these Loudness guys is very nice and Ice Cream Cakes is highlight of this cd, very groovy.
- Lost In Hollywood, All Night Long and Since You Been Gone , super songs from Graham Bonnet Down To Earth Rainbow era is represented here...

- Theme One is an old BBC Radio programme show theme. Makes this cd becomes a nice pleasant mixture of style. When you add Emerson Lake and Powell the Score, this album actually has a few interesting instrumentals plus the most beautiful and sad The Loner.
- Kill The King guitar on this tribute is refreshing after listening to this song by the original group and tribute groups studios and live versions till cannot be calculated times for all my life.
- I like the Armed And Ready here. These Japanese rockers sure know how to make songs we listen too becomes something unique.
- This cd is sort of a incomplete very basic historical trip along Cozy Powell career. Should have at least one Cinderella Long Cold Winter on it.


berteromber said...

tabik betul kat orang2 jepun bab2 cengini kan....

dan tabik jugak kat Shinji Kagawa kerana memilih Man Utd bukannya Arsenal....hahaha...

faizal abd fathi said...

Niji Densetsu - Rainbow Legend ( Google Translate )...hehehehe

faizal abd fathi said...

A Tribute To Rainbow ..... Niji Densetsu

sitie bumz said...

bleh suro adik cari music die. Adik memang minat lagu2 band. Pastu die akan cuba main lagu tu sdiri guna gitar atau keyboard