Thursday, June 14, 2012

blaze book and a bootleg from 1998 with seven songs from VXI

Been reading a few books slowly as and when I feel like reading a book, now reading this one..
The part of Maiden times in his life in recruitment and all thru those years is fabulously fantastic and interesting in mixed emotion ways.
One day will come when Maiden will be over, and one of the more long time band member will come out will a tell-all book, but I can wait for that haha.

At The End Of The Day - The Story of the Blaze Bailey Band by Lawrence Paterson. His old drummer.
A unique book as they are together in the band. So I guess all the details in this book have been scrutinized daily then.
Love the dog shit on Blaze shoes on his first visit to Steve Harris house. Laugh out loud funny.

I cannot locate any first edition of this book anywhere, when it first come out few years back I was like prioritizing other things, then its just completely sold out just like a few other rare Blaze limited edition thingys. So here it is the updated version with more up to date stories.

If I got the time, I will tell more about this book, I have not even shared the fabulous Colin Hart book about his experience with Deep Purple and Rainbow even.

So...whats best when reading a book about Blaze Bailey life story then at same time listening to the boots of his time in Maiden.
This is from 1998. Its called
Virtual Light Strikes Over France.
27 April 1998 Zenith Nancy France.

I hope one day we will have another Eddie Archive with this show on it.

SEVEN, yes SEVEN wonderful songs from Virtual XI including Educated Fool, Dont Look To The Eyes Of Stranger which I really love when VXI first came out, When Two Worlds Collide, Lightning Strikes Twice...

Come to think of it, for me the foundation of reunited Brave New World is all here in Virtual XI. So its no surprised of the rumours 4 songs leftoever from VXI period popping up on ....

So this shows the confidence Maiden has on VXI album in playing live. And the songs sounds fabulous live and the audience was great.
It must have an been experience to be at this show with this setlist. I was comparing it with the Japanese show later in the year, and by then the setlist has change quite a bit. Hmmmnn.

One thing I like this bootleg more is also the presence of Murders In The Rue Morgue, which starts immediately without the slow intro.
Another thing is, listening to Bruce times with Maiden playing in France and he will go on and on talking in French, but for Blaze, its more to a few Merci Beaucoup and I think he wish good luck to the then France team for the World Cup.


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