Saturday, June 23, 2012

there's just got to be more to it than this.. tell me why do we exist..

yesterday early morning (Singapore time, Malaysia time, even Indonesia time ), on the internet was already posted a photo of a piece of paper with the possible setlist of Maiden England first night in Charlotte USA.

It looks kind of real deal, photo taken by a Security staff or whom, I cant recall, and all that, but then no Infinite Dreams and no Hallowed and with a few unexpected songs. So off I go to do what I got to do, thinking it just cant be true - just because there is no Hallowed. Although I was more wishing for Infinite Dreams to be in there.

By the time I got an internet access again, it was late afternoon here, and the show in Charlotte USA had finish, and so its true, that photo is true.

So my own thoughts,
- So first the sad part, no Killers , and cruelly no Infinite Dreams.
I really hope if I can see Iron Maiden in Malaysia or Singapore or anywhere next year 2013, these two songs are in haha.
These few days beside Antologi Arah Perjalanan, which I will mention next time, I was listening back to this bootleg from 2nd night Hammersmith Odeon 7th December 1988 ( which was about a week after Maiden England was recorded in Birmingham ) called DECEMBER 7th 2008, IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO.
nice audience recording complete with Sooty chants and of course the complete encores which Maiden England lacks.
On this shows, Infinite Dreams and Killers were back to back....and its a delight to my ears even in noisy crowded places and also on board the trains and buses.

- Secondly, Afraid To Shoot Strangers is inside, so does that mean no next history part?
- Weird, no HBTN. Most unexpected.
- the stage designs are so beautiful.
- Lots of Pyros it seems. Oooo!!!
The first two photos is by this Maiden fan who was at the show is so absolutely awesome. I was just looking at the photos he took and I was like thinking he got the essences right. His photos tell everything.
The two lower ones are the official ones of course.

I wish they would announce the 2013 World Tour dates as soon as possible.
So I can look at the possibilities, the chances and probability and most importantly the cost constraints more clearly.
Sleeping at airports again is not a problem at all.

So I really like this very much... Infinite Dreams on the piano.
Most beautiful version of Infinite Dreams. Enjoy, even if you dont like Iron Maiden or not interested in them. This pianist is super supreme.


berteromber said...

setlist ni memang meleleh beb....

harap2 la kalau dorang turun KL/Spore setlistnya lebih kurang gini....

dilabangiWORLD said...

salam Urang jauh. apa xtvt pagi ni hehehhee. Aku x dak ideya lah bro....

Ijau D. Koceng said...

aku tak kisah setlist apa, asalkan thn dpn turun sini lagi