Friday, July 6, 2012

kiss forever

(Portdy aku cuma ada vol 2. Jadi ni alasan nak buat post pasal KISS. Band yang kawan aku kutuk aku cakap cheesy, lantak la, sebelum aku tahu dan dengar Maiden, sebelum aku tahu dan tengok foto King Diamond nye makeup, aku dah tahu Kiss dulu.)
I am still searching for the full complete Kiss Kruise accoustics portion bootleg.
I really want the audio. Godfather Label has it, it seems.

They played Just A Boy from The Elder on the ship.
When I was little, I really really love this song, best two minutes of my childhood. Now I listen to this song, I feel a bit sad. OLD AGE. HAHA.

But lets get back to some older and more famous Kiss accoustic unplugged sessions. Then it was fun hunting for factory pressed bootlegs.
And Die Hard (release by OXYGEN label) is a great one. It got Charisma unplugged style. Fabulous. And Hide Your Heart, all these were not played on the official MTV Unplugged recordings.

Also there is this complete over 2 hrs recordings of the MTV Unplugged session.
Very very nice.
You got " Everytime I Look At You " play three times. Revenge is heavy and so different from the previous Crazy Nights and Hot In The Shade, but Everytime I Look At You makes Revenge so much better.

Beth was also played a few times with restarts. 2000 Man also similar. Domino too. Coming Home too.
Very very nice soundboard recording if you're a KISS fan.
Love all the mistakes and retakes, and Heaven's On Fire...!!

Anyway this was some of the official releases of Kiss MTV Unplugged.

There was a story of Gene Simmon saw a show in Fort Canning Park Singapore, I dont recall what band it was.
Seems he commented that Kiss wont play in that type of place or something.

Of course.... They should play Indoor Stadium so Paul Stanley can fly from one of the stadium to the other during Love Gun with all the explosions from start to finish. And Gene Simmons would spit blood and sings God Of Thunder on the roof.
And I hope to stand there Dave Murray side. Of course they must start with Modern Day Delilah, and play all my favourite songs and of course Just A Boy haha.
Hmmmnnnn daydream.


berteromber said...

aku pun tgh demam KISS...salahkan portdy yg bakarkan aku 9 keping dvd Kissology...

syok dapat nengok live zaman Vinnie Vincent...

Portdy said...

0hh ok...

aku suka perfomance kiss unpluggeg sebab dpt dengar sebijik-sebijik bassline Gene Simmons.

dan suka lagu Forever yg michael bolotin cipta tuuu

dilabangiWORLD said...

aku menyokong dari jauh dep erk (hehehe)

WanBeruas said...

..balik keje kilang dulu aku mesti singgah kedai mamak dan layan Juke Box lagu dorang I Was Made For Loving You...hahaa...citer lama..

deaf-angel said...

Charisma unplugged Gene Simmon menakutkan haha.

ooo WanBeruas. Legend