Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shakespeare's Prince Hamlet and Dance Of Death and its Programme Tour Book

Ilmu pengetahuan tu boleh dapat kat mana2.
Ahad lepas ada peluang mendangok kejap kat tempat kerja so aku belek2 sokabar omputeh bahagian ulasan buku.
Skali tu aku nampak ni. There Are More Things In Heaven And Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Makdatok, ni iron maiden nye intro untuk lagu Dance Of Death bila main live.
OOOhh ni Shakespeare punye ayat rupanya dari Prince Hamlet.
Laaa baru aku tahu.

Dan..ilmu Pengetahuan tu boleh dapat kat mana2, termasuk dalam buku program ni dari tahun 2003 dulu.

And what an exciting find it is. So, as in maintaining with the Dance Of Death theme for this post, I dont know what to share, so I go thru some things and I think you guys who havent seen the Dance Of Death World Tour 2003-2004 Programme Book or Program Book or Tour Book or whatever you call it will find the following insightful.


I think this Dance Of Death programme book is interesting because it has a lot of informative and educational text, at least for me. It has all the inside stories of making of the Dance Of Death album with all the band members and Kevin Shirley.
Each song has words from the songwriters for that song.

And as you all know Dance Of Death specially has a few songs with such fabulous and historical backgrounds like Montsegur, Paschendale , and even Dance Of Death.
So its really interesting programme book to read thru.

I say it again, Dance Of Death ( the song ) is one of the most fabulous live song ever.
I tell you again, when the show Singapore has the draped changed to the Grim Reaper Eddie and on Janick Gers side was set up an accoustic guitar, it was like the biggest dream come true.
I never expect to see the song played live on the last tour and to see it four times altogether is magic.

This is the backcover...

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ilmu memang ada dimanamana
kena sharing ngan aku gak erk dep....
** ang sonok na jap lagi LEGOLAND dah nak siap tu