Wednesday, February 27, 2013

akan datangss / COMING SOONer or later...

Berapa benda nak cakap,

Few old lps that I intend to youtubed and share the lyrics , items I have that I intend to talk cock about, items that I hope to have... etc.etc.

1) Tadi aku bukak tv kejap, tukar2 cenel per, tengok RTM, ada segmen preview filem Rock Ooo Rimba Bara Kembali.
Aku rasa mesti fun dan enjoy cerita ni. Yang cover Hukum Karma nye adegan tu nice.

2) " Aku janganlah engkau godaaaa...lalalala"
Nanti la aku senang2 aku sambung balik upload youtube good malay music yang macam hilang dimakan masa. The Queens, lagi sambungan album2 piring hitam al-Mizan dah Hidayah..
Full songs from albums, not just the top hits yang terjual kat kedai bentuk2 cd kompilasi, sedang banyak lagu2 best hilang gitu je. Kalo ada kat kedai of course la sapa minat pegi beli la, tapi masalah nye takde...what a waste.

3) Thecoming issue of Metal Hammer  will be awesome with the new modern Maiden England artwork gracing the magazine cover... this is the sypnopsis ( boleh?? sypnopsis? aku rembat je )

In Metal Hammer April Issue 242:
They are the greatest band of all time.
They are a British institution.
They are IRON MAIDEN, and they’re coming to getcha this June at Download 2013! (and I so sincerely hope I can be there if all goes to plan)  On the eve of the release of their epic new Maiden England ’88 DVD, we talk to all six members of the finest metal band of them all to reveal some amazing brutal truths about the Seventh Son… era, those history-making Donington and Birmingham NEC ’88 sets, why Maiden’s golden age was very nearly the age that tore them apart and why it all went a bit Spinal Tap. This is about the first Golden Age of Maiden, and some very loud clothing. It's only in the new issue, ladies and gentlemen. SCREAM FOR ME HAMMER READERS!

4) Nanti la senang aku borak2 pasal Powewolf nye cds..

5) Oooo damn, how I wish I can make it for Journey and Deep Purple shows especially...
Especially Deep Purple....about 18 days away...
I love them still haha. and maybe this is the last time for Ian Paice and company?
hope not.

6) Dio's DREAM EVIL DELUXE EDITION IS COMING OUT SOON!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
I cant wait how the sound will be like...but the 2nd cd could be better, but still better than nothing.

Actually still got a lot of things I want to continue talk cock about, but sleeping is better.. ha.


berteromber said...

The Queens?? lama tak dengo nama duo adik beradik dari S'pore ni...tak silap yang adik nama dia Farah Diba tu kan yang kawin ngan Aman Shah...(dulu bebudak selalu baca URTV...tu pasal tau pasal gossip artis...hahaha...)

dilabangiWORLD said...

Oh dep..........
aku rindu ngan the Queens ni
Farah kan salah satu nama dia

Rafi said...

Mcm awek mat saleh la The Queens tu..

Adi Herman said...

KLMJ sungguh The Queens tu...classic!

faizal abd fathi said...

sorang lain mana pergi ye?