Monday, February 18, 2013

together at last- lion city hardcore

In the early to mid 90s, Big O Magazines helps to widen my scope not only on music but also life.
It helps that there are great contests with great prizes with every issue haha..

I remember winning what was a quite rare cd by one of the grunge bands, I forget what band, the one with babies on the cover ( no not Nirvana ), I just gave it away to a friend cause he like it (and I dont get it haha) and he cant get it at the shops, in exchange he gave me a 'rock mampos' cd. Typical.

Whatever the contents on Big O, you can be sure the write-ups are interesting, informative and passionate and drags me to read it.

Funny thing is I remember, not only was this magazine supports the local, alternative, hardcore, grunge, punk, new school, old school, etc,
but there was a very fair and interesting review on Iron Maiden's X Factor back then when it first came out. I think I still kept that issue. The rest of the magazines are gone with the wind..

But I still kept some of the cds I guess, because I came across this in one of my collection. Ooo the Padres single is still with me...

So this cd Lion City Hardcore is a sort of thing which is like "either you get it or you dont".
So if no one had seen the inlay to this legendary out of print cd, this is how all the inlays and lyrics of Lion City Hardcore - Together At Last looks like. It comes with Big O issue 88 in April 1993.

1. StompIntro Stompin' Ground

2. Man...Machine Stompin' Ground
3. Out Of Reach Upright
4. Chance Your Arms Upright
5. Stop These Fights Bawlout
6. Stereotype + Virus Bawlout
7. Realize Rectify
8. Reveal The Truth Rectify
9. Free Minds Enrage
10. Never Enrage
11. Suffer... Til When? Voiceout
12. Shout In Chorus Voiceout
13. Skin United Blood
14. United Blood United Blood
15. Clockwork Soulfire
16. Rage Soulfire
17. Hypocritical Society Intense Decibel
18. A Place To Live Intense Decibel
19. Locked 4-Sides
20. Propulsion 4-Sides

Its been 20 years, and the songs still sounds so fresh ;


berteromber said...

dulu aku rajin jugak beli Big O...last aku check dalam store rumah aku cuma ada satu issue jer yang terselamat...tak silap aku simpan pasal ada cerita Oppostion Party kat dalam tu...

Adi Herman said...

Ini cd compilation untuk various band hardcore di singapore ka? Wow! Nice! Ini dah jadi satu tinggalan sejaraj yg sangat berharga!

Portdy said...

mags from singapore yang rajin aku langgan adalah ETC (around 90s) dan juga F1RST movie magazine....dua dua ni dah pupus...

dilabangiWORLD said...

dep ang tak dek ke reunion utk geng2 rock ni ke
syok gak buat gathering cam ni nanti dep hehehhee

faizal abd fathi said...

baca tajuk ingat pasal bola... rupanya band hardcore...steady!

Rafi said...

Big O kira dah rare mag gak tu..