Thursday, March 7, 2013

cute Russian fake PIECE OF MIND mini-lp based on the Japanese vinyl pressing.

Note - out of topic - Sadness..I am only just aware that Paul Bearer is really dead. I mean the person who plays his character is dead. Love it that Ultimate Warrior, Mankind has sent out some nice words..
Now waiting for what The UN-DER-TAKER!!! and Kane have to say.
Early 90s, the best days of entertainment wrestling... and I so miss those days..


For those curious to know how the packaging of the 2012/2013 picture disc LP release of the first 8 Maiden albums looks like,
there are two blogs whose owners are kind enough to share detailed photos of the releases from the vinyls to the gatefolds.
Visit them at
Now, as this is sort of marketed as remasterings from original master tapes or something, I am hoping they will come out with a cd version too from the same masters.
The remastered series cds from the mid 90s is a bit embarassing and horrid if you're a Maiden fan who expect basic quality control from the Maiden camp, the screw up for Powerslave on the Powerslave remastered cd was and is still making me feel nauseous. Yes, the loudness war is won, but I still cannot accept it. I still go for cd pressings from earlier ones. The only thing excellent that came out of it was the 25,000 pieces limited copy Eddie's Head or skull boxset, which yep, I still have it intact haha.

ok  got that out of the way....

now Lets talk of another issue of these beautifully crafted bootlegged pirated fakes at its most supreme awesomeness.

Piece Of Mind - Iron Maiden album no IV. The first Maiden album I ever heard.
It was a pirated cassette tape, and literally it changed my life as a frog / boy in a well.
Piece Of Mind became an inspiration that never cease till now.
- Learning the English language because I want to know what is being sung about from the pirated lyric sheets and expanding my limited vocabulary, and as I grow up reading literature, appreciate history/legends from cavemen to Musashi (the Japanese swordsman during the Samurai warriors era who first kill at 13, and not only the world war II battleships famous pair of Musashi & Yamato), Greek mythology, respecting and getting to know different religions and beliefs, hymns,  I learnt then backmasking can be plain fun and put even more doubts to those who are eager to label anything that dont suit them satanic, and of course the book Dune, and that the author of Dune - Frank Herbert is an asshole (Bruce words as heard on the bootlegs during that tour ) for not approving Maiden's request to titled To Tame A Land as Dune from which the song is based on, and also, the lobotomy of Eddie by Derek Riggs happens during this period.
A full review of what I think of the Piece of Mind album is not proper in this blog post so let us just treasure the packaging of this unauthorised release. .

- As usual, a similar Japanese obi strip accompanies this release of a lobotomised Eddie in a padded room, straight-jacketed, and chained and secured. Dereks Rigg book did have another artwork during that time quite similar to this scene. I think I have shared it before, but I will do so
- Open up the digipak spread and you have the dinner set up photo and the lyric sheets and credits.
- On the left flap of the digipak is kept a poster which is similar to the original poster that comes with the original Japanese pressing of POM vinyls.
- Also on the left flap is a write up of Maiden during that time by Masa-Ito and on the reverse is the lyrics of POM in Japanese.
- On the right hand flap of the digipak is kept the cd, the artwork on the cd itself is copied from the remastered series cds from late 90s, and its kept in a jacket with more Japanese writings from the POM inlets and again similar lyrics in Japanese.
- The back cover is similar to the vinyls too.

Below is an alternative artwork that appears in the Derek Rigg's book for those who had missed on it.


Adi Herman said...

Japanese pressing best jugak sebenarnya tapi yg x best nya, ianya tiada casing, jauh sekali digipak...cuma balut dgn kertas saja...huhu sedih™

Ijau D. Koceng said...

the trooper! *jeng jejejeng jeng jejejeng...*

berteromber said...

Paul Bearer dan Undertaker adalah 2 watak yang cukup aku kagum zaman nengok wrestling budak budak dulu...macam real jer....RIP.

Rafi said...

Lawa russian punya version ni walaupun fake.suma detail..
Paul Bearer + Undertaker.legend of wrestling.kombinasi diorang la dulu yg buat aku minat wrestling..RIP

iaryylr said...

ori atau tidak yang penting dh masuk koleksi :) Syabas!, yehaaa!