Friday, March 15, 2013

Hidayah - Doa Seorang Insan(Prayer of a Person) LP 1979.youtubeded

Sambungan kumpulan nasyid Hidayah nye LP upyoutubeded. Ni yang album ada lagu Kesedaraan yang aku rasa korang semua tahu la pernah dengarnye. 

As usual I upload to youtube another album of theirs before all these songs dissappear just like that.
There are Hidayah songs available in the market officially, but not complete ones.

So before these songs become a real dead one, lets keep it a real live one.

'ahli anggota kumpulan Hidayah's nye nama2"

Hidayah is one of three "nasyid" (malay-language songs with religious and wholesome positive values themes) that I really like. The other two are Al-Mizan and Al-Jawaher.
They are sort of the BIG THREE of Nasyid in my personal opinion.
They were huge back in the late 1970s and early 80s not only in Singapore but also in Malaysia.
Up to now, their songs are still fondly remembered and played and I am not surprised if they keep winning new fans all the time.

So you have some fantastic slow and some quite fast songs, but all catchy and meaningful and makes you reflect a bit on your own life.
So you have songs
- encourgaging good deeds like patience etc. Songs praising Allah, the Prophets.
- Songs encouraging good moral activities, wholesome living, etc etc.
- Repent, dont be evil, be good...
- dont forget to pray,
- be careful in life, choosing friends, the beautiful, the poisonous, inside and outside...
- dont be stingy, dont be selfish, be helpful, help the poor and less fortunate,
- be sincere always,
those type of thingys...
The lyrics are written so beautifully.

There is one superb song...track no 7
It has this huge dramatic music ala Led Zeppelin's Kashmir just to give you an idea...

and the lyrics goes -
When the coffin is being carried,
leaving behind all the love ones,
because of God's calling
All the relatives and friends are helping with the funeral, helping for the very last time
And the white shroud covering the dead body is prepared in position

There is no treasure that is brought along
Only deeds is with the body ( the good and bad deeds)
After the body is buried and earth poured covering the grave
A pair of tombstone is placed.
And with sincerity Talkin ( these is sort of funeral prayer recital at the grave) is said.
(or did she say Tahlil? which is also a special prayer recital for the dead).

There is no treasure that is brought along
Only deeds ...

for Unholy me... these songs are scary.. because I am never prepared for LIVE AFTER DEATH.

Hidayah is the group who makes famous the song " DO YOUR DAILY PRAYERS, BEFORE PEOPLE GIVE YOU A FUNERAL PRAYER ".
ouchhh, suddenly I feel so hot...

Hopefully maybe one day I be an honest man, up to now I'm doing the best I can....

p.s track no 10, tenangkan fikiran ( make the mind be at peace ) has this awesome keyboards....
oooo should have been on Rainbow Rising...

Next time if I am free and got mood,
the album from AL-MIZAN - Panduan Hidup ( guide to life )

Another awesome Nasyid album...


Adi Herman said...

Muka Eddie disebalik cover LP Hidayah tu yang nampak gempak sebenarnya hehe...

faizal abd fathi said...

Hidayah dihimpit Eddie..heheh

berteromber said...

Biar apa entri pun...Maiden tetap ada....steadyyy....heheh...

Rafi said...

Old skool nasyid grop mmg banyak dari Singapore dulu..ingat lagi masa kecik the big three ni memang popular kat malaysia.thanks for sharing pun kira usaha murni jugak ni,upload kat youtube..biar generasi sekarang tau

metal brain asylum said...

bukan dulu ade kena band kan kumpulan nasyid ni? aku dengar rumours la dr makcik makcik aku yg dah tua skang ni.heheh

matakucing said...

Ooo byk jugak ye nasyid group pompuan yg kult huhu..