Saturday, June 15, 2013

donington park day 1 short note.

yesterday was more of soaking the atmosphere.

beofre i forget, maiden has an event tshirt for this event. king of awesome designs front and back.

being a star karat and coming late. miles away amd i was hearing Europe's final countdown.
yes, i expect the place to be big, buts its really huge.
easily as big as rhe size of an airport plua its runaways.

oK, VOLVEAT WAS AWESOME as i had expected especially with the ANTHRAX Guitarist wih them now. they men4ioned death of JEFF HANNIMMEN and did a bit of Raining Blood.

anotherSTAGE TWO great act was the nice rock band Three Doors down, THE BAND WITHE BEsT LOVE SONG OF THE WHOLE FESTIVAL HAHAHA. "here wothout you baby."


 i like this festical because its about hqvong fun and wih 150bands on 5 stages in 3 days, you can choose what type of genre you like.
then i see a bit of Bullet For My Valentine.
Then i see alot of HIM. nice band, stage 3 was crowded and, stage 2 was crowded and the toso was people hanging around the food stalls, toilets and people going out of the area to the campsites or goig home or going to the nearby cities or villages.

i was one of them. i mean slipknot was heasliner, but easily dozen of thousands pele wwre skipping them. i dont think o miss anythig.

ok, today, got to go early, i try to make it for ufo.
i think buckcherry is oit, and BLACK STAR RIDERS aee replacement.
This is thin lizzy, playing their new songs.

motorhead, alice in chains, maybe i try to catch mastodon. all on stage 1 so its easy.
tonight, headliners are Maiden.

hope it will not be raining. the place is not as muddy as i expect, i just hope it wont rain today. a bit of driZle is ok.

its blody cold specially with the winds for me. i think i got to wear two jackets
pictures, photos next time.

oooo derby city is most beautiful and calm and nice people wih halal food.

travelling to donigton park from derby is maybe 1hr, and walk another 30 mins?
buts all part of the download festival. its so huge

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Adi Herman said...

Ada jugak typo dlm entri ni, but said bro about your experience during the festival...can't wait to see all of ur pics haha