Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Download Festival 2013 in photos and my stories (part 2/2)

This will be a messy post with a lot of photos.

When many people are still sleeping, or just waking up having breakfast,
I was having breakfast at DownloadFestival itself waiting for opening band of Main Stage at 11am.

Second day of Download    Festival Saturday, and I was there when gate opens, because there are a few bands I really want to see and UFO is one of them. Phil Mogg says "morning" and UFO was great and the  two new songs they play were awesome. I think I want to check   out their latest cd. They play all their famous songs too, Lights Out, Love To Love etc etc but the new song Burn Your House Down was the outstanding one for me... Vinnie Moore has nice solos on this song that I like.

During Black Star Riders...who kind of alternates Thin Lizzy songs with their new album songs, and Scott Gorham was there and its nice to see Scott Gorham playing and I was hoping for Massacre but its not played, Whiskey  In The Jar....is of course played.

Will METALLICA play this song in Singapore this August? Why not? haha.... Happening song all the time.
And its raining for a while during Mastodon... Dont know them much but I would like to check them out more now...now I got the idea of how they are live. Although seeing them in the rain at a huge muddy festival with the strong cold winds really spoils the sound is not the most appropriate.

SOUND???, lets take when Iron Maiden plays, I was quite in front so I have no complaints but there are about at least 90,000 watching Maiden, the wind is so strong, and I think the complaints are there of lost and dissapointing sound by Maiden, but its a festival and there are so many people there for Maiden.
I you guys listen to the Iron Maiden Download Festival 2013 bootleg which is easily available now, you can  hear how strong the wind is throughout the show...its a nice bootleg anyway.
But my location, I was quite near front on the the left, I have no problem, though I wish it was LOUDER haha.
The SPITFIRE FLYPAST is really something... They got a historical legendary plane to fly on time, at low height, and must have a lot of coordination with the commerical airport besides Donington Park. This is when Maiden plays, so you can imagine how 90,000 cramping on a muddy field, I was showing this photo to my friend, and he was asking..." The black is human beings, but is the brown all mud???? haha.
I try to squeeze myself thru one hour before Maiden starts playing after QOSA stops playing, but there are thousands and thousands of Maiden fans thinking te same thing.

and this is not a photo that  I took but this photo is I had taken of the Iron Maiden FC forum, I guess the owner wont mind, its kind of a tribute and remembrance for the two fans who died in 1988. It is made and put in place at Download Festival by a few Maiden fans. I think this is something special done here.

I am tired.... so enjoy the rest of the photos....
THE WEATHER, cloudy , sunshine, Rain, strong cold winds..all mixed up every hour.
- the different stages, there are about 5.
- some bands that I try to see... Volbeat, 3 Doors Down, Mastodon, Motorhead, Alice In Chains, Idiom ( which did not dissapoint me ), HIM ( I dont really understand this band ) Converge, Maiden of course etc etc
I miss Europe, and Dragonforce, I was too lazy and tired to come early on the first day...
I HEAR FINAL COUNTDOWN THOUGH, I was still far away walking but the wind carries the song to me.

The 3rd from last photo, this is when Slipknot plays when they headline Friday...
so give you an idea of the crowd. But I think Slipknot plays to a much lesser people than Maiden Saturday, in fact Saturday was a sold out, all day tickets were sold out for Saturday....so maybe more than 100,000 was there Saturday.

Next and coming soon.
- Birmingham City street photos
- Frankfurt City street photos
- Maiden Frankfurt two nights reviews and photos and videos
- Food Photos


Adi Herman said...

Happening giler la deaf...wish i could watch Mastodon live hahah

dilabangiWORLD said...

ang kena pakai mask dep...
heaven giller tempat ni
Tone color aku suke

Dr. Bentara said...

teruskan reporting bro. I enjoyed it.

faizal abd fathi said...

perghh... steady...

berteromber said...


Thin Lizzy tak main Cold Sweat ker?...aku sejak2 dengar Megadeth cover lagu ni..makin kemaruk pulak hari2 dengar versi asal..

Rafi said...

Nice photo,nice info..terbaik lahh bro.

Ijau D. Koceng said...

agak2 hujung tahun nanti ada masuk astro fiesta tak?

Kaboi Tanduk said...

"HIM ( I dont really understand this band )"