Wednesday, July 31, 2013

whitesnake - made in britain the world record double cd

Last quarter of 2011 saw Whitesnake played the South East Asia region.

Ideally, I would have like to see them play both Kuala Lumpur & Singapore. Unfortunately I got to catch only one. For many including myself - David Coverdale's voice and songs ( & Whitesnake's ) appears a lot in the soundtrack of our lives, so its nice to see him perform live. Anyway, he always has the big names to play with him in Whitesnake. ("you go to Push!" - dio.)

Like I say before, its pathetic to see an Indonesia band Slank opened for Whitesnake in Singapore, as if there is no good Singapore rock band good enough. (Lovehunters - yazid, moliano, sahar - would have make the place erupt although I did heard earlier rumour that Malaysia's Wings could be the opener.)
Worse, to see two girls (planted definitely in the crowd) coming up on stage to gyrate to "dangdut" music. I find it a total switch off and realising I should come later , although the irony is Whitesnake is playing immediately after, and we know what DC is capable of exploiting any moment haha, but of course I would pay money to see David Coverdale does or say anything because he is DC. 

Anyway, its a great show, the new songs from the Forevermore album were unexpectedly very very good, Deeper The Love was played and I was so happy with that,
and I think  compared to some parts of Asia, Singapore got a bit of " Lonely Days Lonely Nights "an additional "Bad Boys" at the end. With the amount of great songs Whitesnake (and DC's period in Deep Purple and with Jimmy Page) have, I would be happy with anything.
This is the write up on Singapore in the cd inlet.

ok come to the double cd.
Just looking at the content, and its already a killer. Worth getting just on the strength and amount of songs packed on both cds.

CD 1 is great but I love CD2 more, so how lucky some countries and places got - Slide It In.

"Pistols at Dawn" is king awesomeness from Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach.

Overall I like the vibe of the songs on both cds with songs like Burn keeps evolving with the crowds joining in on THAT Jon Lord solo. The songs sounds wonderful and loud to my problematic ears, The band is fantastic, David Coverdale is romantic one moment and being TARZAN at most other times haha.

Next change,
Look what I just got , - KRATON 'S the Nusantara Chronicles,  I like this album.


berteromber said...

whitesnake adalah antara band yang pada aku berbaloi untuk kumpul seluruh discography mereka...aku sikit lagi nak complete ni...

PC kOKak™ said...

wah tak sabo utk yg next.. KRATON the Nusantara Chronicles!

Dr. Bentara said...

I was there in KL!

Rafi said...

David coverdale antara yg punya "golden voice" jugak selain Dio..antara album WS yang betul2 memberi impak kt aku "slip of the tounge" tu..betul2 mengusik jiwa..heheh

matakucing said...

Pengaruh slank sgt kuat..even dorang main kat us pon..2 pompuan matsaleh pon join the show.. gelek2 haha.. Deaf..kraton's review eh.. Next

Tilly said...

This is gorgeous!