Monday, August 8, 2011

SNSD bulan Feb 2012 pun dah announce.. tapi yang ditunggu takde lagik..

Aku belek2 kat porum, ooo Girl Generation nak perform bulan Feb 2012 kat Singapore tapi akhir bulan Julai 2011 dah announced dari promoter show ni. Jadi nak dekat TUJUH bulan advance notis. Hardcore fans boleh plan awal, mana yang nak budget duit tiket, yang nak kena travel, apa je la. Giler babi beb harga tiket concert untuk Asian acts, Faye Wong lebih S$300 kot front section? tapi if youre a fan apa kan daya selain just do it..Apa pun.. blog kotak ajaib dah ada cerita pasal ni ( bukan cerita girl generation, tapi metallica ).

I understand in Europe its the norm to have big bands being announced the dates and locations and ticket pricing of their shows at least six months in advance. So I guess their fans can make plans and my impression of foreign act shows in Malaysia and Singapore or nearby, and admitting myself as one of them, one of the biggest stumbling block is usually the ticket price structure itself (and that is why I love Fort Canning ) and if you are a hardcore, then the cost of travel which will dramatically increase the amount spent especially if there is a need to take a budget plane.

So speaking of big bands, I think there is maybe a few bigger than Metallica. They have year by year since early 90s drop down on the list of what I consider to be enjoyable to me but the size-of-mass-appeal-wise, they are still arguably the biggest and most popular.

In fact on the Death Magnetic tour, I and a friend was seriously contemplating backpacking to Perth for their two dates there, as we were discussing to at least see Metallica once in our lives, and also because I know there are quite a number of people in Singapore ( and I guess Malaysia ) who save up and travel budget to Australia to catch them, but I have to brush it off as I was saving up for my trip of a lifetime to see Iron Maiden playing three shows across Australia early this year. And yes I am already saving up for the next Maiden England dvd / next history tour. Mumbai is budgetly possible and speaking of India this song pops up in my head - "God I love the sweet taste of India..Lingers on the tip of my tounge " - And some gossip mongers are saying Aerosmith is coming to Singapore, Because they are confirmed in Japan end of this year..

I had missed the 92 Metallica show at Indoor Stadium and still remember being ' mulut terngangah and jakunised' listening to others telling what happened that night. So it would be nice if I can make it this time if I can afford the ticket and time.
So announcements that are as soon as possibly can, is crucial like I say for
-people like me and maybe some of you who need to be discipline in budgetting their hard-earned money for a bit of occasional rock moments
-people who may need to travel a bit
-people who may try to find a solution budget-wise to try bring their love ones along to see Metallica because its like an experience to at least see them once in a lifetime.
-people who can only afford a show and have to choose about one and I think all these Metallica rumours are making some people ( ME!!! ) k.i.v.'ing on David Coverdale and company tickets and decision have to be made fast for the early bird offer is ending in August haha.
- and lastly give time to people like me, who have no choice but to either borrow, download or go to youtube to listen to St Anger and Death Magnetic and load and reload haha.
Hey!! maybe if I see Metallica live then I can finally say " nice new songs...or...seday sey lagu Metallica yang baru2 eh" As songs can transform when being played live.
- and really last, I got to check if there is change in stage position of Metallica members because I dont want to stand in front or the area of the new bassist side. I dont like him at all.

I was contemplating the timing just now, if really its 2nd Dec in KL then considering San Francisco is behind us in timing but can Metallica possibly finished a show on 2nd Dec in KL and pack up and fly all their huge monster tour equipments to SF and unpack and be ready for the 5th. Must be some super human efforts but hey its Metallica.

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...Arghhhh!!! Banyak sangat concert dan gig ujung tahun nihh..Silap2 aku yang Metalingkupp..huhuuu...