Monday, January 21, 2013

15th June is shaping up to something awesome..

Friday line-up is like..... a waste of my precious time?, but still if I am bothered to check out one or two in that list or I rather explore the streets of Derby?
I wonder if visiting an English market scene is more entertaining than watching or listening to some of the bands on the first day.

Sunday is purely Depeche Mode, opps sorry, Ramstein. I like what I know of them, they're kind of interesting.

But Saturday... SATURDAY.... SATURDAY...

UFO ( with Vinnie Moore,  how cool is that though it would be nice if the bassist was Pete Ways still ), Motorhead, Alice In Chains all on the same day before 'Maiden Donington' explodes at night. Fantastic Four lineup really, and Mastodon, what I knew little of them, sounds alritey too.

I believe the only other time I saw Maiden headline a festival, Queens of the Stone Age was also second on the list, and they played on Stage Two and its like, there I was standing and waiting in a crowded packed field in front of the Main Stage filled with Maiden fans and the sounds of the QOTSA blaring away from another stage. Or was it some other band? I dont know, it sounds all the same to me haha.
I really got to find a way for Saturday, by hook or by crook.
Ooo I am so useless in making and checking out travel plans.. but first I got to save up. And I will be so brain-jammed if the Donington tickets never reach me at all..

As this crazy idea of mine began with an impulsive idea of backpacking for a week to Europe to see Maiden, I had jump in and booked a three day pass to Donington Download Festival, whereby, I should have waited for them to just sell day tickets instead as my only dream was always seeing Maiden headline Castle Donington in front of their 100,000 home fans. SO I WOULD HAVE save a bit of moneyfor other expenditures. Maybe next time I wont be so impatient, kanchong and kelam kabut.
So Stress strass straus.


Rafi said... la dpt jugak tengok band yang lain perform

PC kOKak said...

fuh saturday!
stone beb

Alice In Chains

berteromber said...

kalau aku yang saturday tu ok la...banyak juga tau...kalau friday dan sunday tu memang blur..

faizal abd fathi said...

pergh.... nasib bukan kat malaysia...kalau tak.. kompom cuti nih

Adi Herman said...

Kalau aku pun aku akan pilih sabtu jugak, cuma x concentrate sgt dgn Iron Maiden (sorry guys,aku mengaku aku bukan die hard fan diorang but still beranggapan tgk show diorang is a must-see before u die) tapi nak tengok Mastodon perform...teringin lama dah nak tgk band ni main live....stoner rock,progressive,sludge...all in one entity...

deaf-angel said...

ala apa nak cakap sorry..

at least ko jujur, bukan pretend.

WanBeruas said...

Walaaa Vinnie Moore!!!